Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big weekend

J-Bird bought Kobe a BB gun.. Kobe was soooo excited... He'll only get to use it when J takes him out in the country and shoots it. We didn't just give our 5 yr old a BB gun and said "Have fun" Kobe coming from a family who hunts (not me lol), Dad, My brother and now Jason, he will be needing to learn how to hunt not only that but needs to learn all about gun safety and the rules of a gun. What better way to learn than with a BB gun. He will take the Hunter's Education course when he is old enough but for now the important men in his life can give him some pointers.
So Sunday while I went to the Craft Show. J took Kobe to shoot his BB gun for the first time. Kobe said it was "awesome" lol.. I'm so glad he has someone in his life like Jason :) We are very lucky.

So Sunday while the guys went and played I went with my Mom, Sister, niece and Anna (Adam's gf) to the Dubois Co. Arts and Craft show. This was our 3rd year going. We love it and look fwd to it every year. They always have a booth there that does personalized Christmas ornaments and so I always know I'm getting one before I see the booth :) I love all my purchases I made this year... but regret not getting something I really wanted.. but I couldn't spend a whopping 14 bucks on just myself lol so I didn't get it. Now I'm sad I didn't get it LOL. I was too busy looking for the guys something lol.
Here are my purchases for the day: (not pictured, Yummy peanut butter and chocolate fudge for Jason and I and a white chocolate tractor sucker for Kobe)

This Family sign I got for $2.00
 Me and Jason's first ornament
 Our first family ornament
 Kobe's pet rock lol This was only $.50 and it was by far his favorite thing I got him lol
 I got Jason and Kobe both a key chain like this.. its a rabbits foot and a deer antler lol they both loved it :)
Sunday evening we had our monthly family dinner. This time it was at my cousin Jacob's. Him and his wife Whitney and their son welcomed us out to their place where we had a "weenie roast" actually Jake cooked the weenies on the grill because it was sooo windy. We celebrated Jake and Anna's Birthdays at the family get together. It was so nice. It was very relaxing and we all enjoyed ourselves.

oooh yeh and we hung some new wall decor.. this is the sneak peek of the new wall to come in the living room.. I got the wall cling at Family Dollar for $3

hahaha and these lovely things :) are now in the living room ;)

Kobe got some new kicks too.. He wanted boots like J's soooo bad so today I surprised him with some.. He is gonna run into things because he watches his feet when he walks LOL...

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  1. Love Kobe and his gun and boots. He will be a little hick in no time :)