Monday, March 30, 2009

OH MY!!!

HAHAHA So I need to Blog about this before I forget tooo... Well 1. Kobe has had a dry pull up ALL through the night and its 10:36AM and its STILL dry YAY!! But this isn't what I'm blogging about well it kinda is LOL...

So I take the kids to have a "potty break" since they are boy and girl I make one sit outside the door who the other goes potty. Well Kobe goes first and he goes in and does his business and he is walking outta the bathroom and Kobe goes "Wivi(Livi) I got a big P.B." before I can say anything Liv said "yeah and I have a CVS"...I was like hey lets not talk about that and liv goes "why" and I said well its just not something we talk about and she said "You have a CVS too, I do mommy does, mamaw does, you do, Kobe doesn't"..... I wanted to bust out laughing but I just quickly changed the subject...

WOW... the joys of spending the day with two 3 yr olds!! Ahhhh... LOL

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ugh weekends go SO fast!

We had a good weekend except for this crazy Indiana weather! UGH it drives me crazy LOL. But the weekend was very relaxing! Friday night we hung out over at my parents and my sister and Olivia were there too.. We went to Walmart and shopped alittle...

Then Saturday me and Kobe just laid around all day and didnt even get out of our pjs til 5:30 PM LOL I know we were being Lazy but we had fun and loved just cuddling up on the couch and watching Sponge Bob for the biggest part of the day. It was a nasty rainy day. After we showered we went back downstairs and cooked dinner. I made "Chicken Rollups" they are delicious!! Kobe approved...he ate 2 helpings of dinner. He NEVER does that!

Its doesn't look to real good but I assure you it is DELICIOUS!!

Then later Mom came over and stayed with Kobe while I hung out with some friends! It was nice to get out for awhile and have some adult time.
Then today we went over to my parents house again (yes we hang out there alot). Mom watched Kobe so I could go to walmart and get his Easter Basket stuff! Mom asked us to stay for Dinner so we ate over there and then dad brought us home and we made Strawberry Chip Ice Creme Cone Cupcakes LOL they were YUMMY!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear Esus,

Every night before Kobe goes to bed we get a fresh pull up on go in his room, he shuts the TV off(its usually on all day) we sit on his bed and he'll say "put u hands togedder like dis Mom" (he'll put his hands together to pray) then he starts;

"Dear Esus,
God Bwess Mommy, Kobe, Mamaw, Papaw, Wivi, Manah(Amanda), Adam, Woren(Lauren) Adam 2(Adam Cox), TJ, All my gwanmas and grawnpas, Daddy, Gabbin (his brother)--Amen"

He says ALL those names by himself... Some nights he'll forget someone and I'll help him out and some nights he'll throw new people in there like one night he threw in Lamont which is a friend of mine and tonight he threw in Matt...One night he even threw in "Mikey" which is my brothers beagle dog that lives outside my parents house LOL and another was his four wheeler.... He is such a fun kid... I just love him to death!! I truly am blessed to have him in my life! Even tho being a single mom is a tough job some days I wanna pull my hair out I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I used my get out of jail free card today!

LOL you are probably wondering what the heck that title was all about lol... I feel like I've been in jail for the past weeks... My motor in my van blew up...UGH! Yeh that's what happens when you don't change the oil like you should. So make sure you change it when your supposed to! So I have been with out a vehicle for 2 almost 3 weeks now and it is such an inconvenience to not just be able to get up and go. My mom has been with out a vehicle too since her wreck so we're really in a bind. Well Today Kobe had a doctors appointment today so we got to use my brother's truck all day so we took advantage of it lol.

At Kobe's doctors appointment he was soooo excited to go and couldn't wait. Well we get back in the room and one of my best friends Jennifer is the nurse there, he wouldn't let her do anything. So Olivia had to get on the scale first and show Kobe is was nothing, then he finally got on LOL he was being a stinker. He did let Jenn measure him finally and do some other stuff. She left the room and he wanted right on the table. I told mom if he didn't let Jenn touch him there is NO WAY he's going to let Dr. Lohano touch him. *Knock Knock* In comes Dr. L ...
Kobe: HI!!! Me Kobe!
Dr.L: Hello, Nice to Meet you.
Kobe: Dat your boobie (talking to my mom while touching her boob) HAHAHA!!!

Got to love kids!!!! But anyways he sat there perfectly and let Dr. L examine him. Well I guess u can call it an exam he checked his ears, eyes, chest, lungs, felt on his belly and neck and that's it we were done. We didn't even take Kobe's shoes off. Me and mom were wondering if that was even worth it LOL.... he said everything looked good and he didn't need to see him until he was 4. So off we went.

We decided to go eat lunch at Mr. Gattis because mom refuses to go into McDonald's play area because its "DISGUSTING" Which it is... I don't think they have cleaned that place since the built it LOL... its just so greasy feeling lol. So of course the kids found Gattiland ASAP and it was a struggle to get them to sit and eat but they finally did after a few threats of "Alright if you don't eat your not playing" lol. So we let the "play" the games for a little bit of course Kobe being VERY smart knew he needed money to play the games LOL, So we told them we'd go get a small toy at the store so we could have an easy get away (ohhhh Don't tell me you've never bribed your child(ren) LOL)... Well let me rephrase that MAMAW said that LOL. So off to the Dollar Store so we didn't have to mess with the Wal-mart crowd. They each got a $3.00 toy and they were satisfied!

We drove around for awhile looking at Where Kobe will go preschool and where Olivia will go to preschool. Then looked at horses and "baby horses" which were donkeys. Of course Olivia had to call mom out on the whole "baby Horses" lol Olivia said those are "hee haws" nothing gets past these 2 that's for sure! So we went to Shell to get a "snack" and drove around and the kids ended up falling asleep so we drove around for a little while so they could nap and we got too have adult conversation which was REALLY nice!!

It was a nice day to just be out and about and the kids were really good which made the day go smooth! I'm soo blessed to have a wonderful family! I love them all!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slow Motion, Please!?

This past weekend went sooo fast. Its is seriously a blurr to me... Saturday morning was Andrea's funeral one of the most awful days I've had so far. Sitting with my sister and watching her bawl her eyes out was probably the hardest part of it. Then Sunday was Liv's b-day party which was really fun... It went really well and Amanda did a good job planning it and getting the cutest decorations.

I am just so exhausted here lately and this weekend I didn't give my body time to catch up lol.. So I'm going to put this weekend coming up on slow motion and spend it outside with Kobe if the weather allows it. I haven't even looked at the forecast for the weekend.

Poor Kobe is having a heck of a time since his "father" hasn't seen him for over a month. He wants to see his daddy and I have a hard time explaining to a 3 yr old why his dad isn't getting him for yet another weekend. Hopefully things will start to look up in that department. At least I pray they do. Poor baby opened his bedroom door tonight and yelled " I want my Mommy and daddy at my house" If I could do it all over again I would of tried harder to save our marriage for Kobe's sake but 2 people can't help it if they aren't in love anymore. I just pray this will get easier for Kobe and his dad will one day decide to be a full time father and come around!

Off to bed to get some much needed beauty sleep!!