Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ugh weekends go SO fast!

We had a good weekend except for this crazy Indiana weather! UGH it drives me crazy LOL. But the weekend was very relaxing! Friday night we hung out over at my parents and my sister and Olivia were there too.. We went to Walmart and shopped alittle...

Then Saturday me and Kobe just laid around all day and didnt even get out of our pjs til 5:30 PM LOL I know we were being Lazy but we had fun and loved just cuddling up on the couch and watching Sponge Bob for the biggest part of the day. It was a nasty rainy day. After we showered we went back downstairs and cooked dinner. I made "Chicken Rollups" they are delicious!! Kobe approved...he ate 2 helpings of dinner. He NEVER does that!

Its doesn't look to real good but I assure you it is DELICIOUS!!

Then later Mom came over and stayed with Kobe while I hung out with some friends! It was nice to get out for awhile and have some adult time.
Then today we went over to my parents house again (yes we hang out there alot). Mom watched Kobe so I could go to walmart and get his Easter Basket stuff! Mom asked us to stay for Dinner so we ate over there and then dad brought us home and we made Strawberry Chip Ice Creme Cone Cupcakes LOL they were YUMMY!!


  1. MMMM those look pretty tasty!! I am glad you had a chance to relax some last night. Adult time is ALWAYS a good thing! BY THE WAY I would have loved to try your ice cream cone shaped cup cakes! *ughh* LOL GNight

  2. Hey Andrea,
    I just ran across your blog! Your little man is adorable!

  3. I've never gathered up the courage to try to make those roll ups at home. They're so testy as to how long they need to cook -- never the same! I stole a LOT of the recipes from there lol. Too bad Mimi doesn't use a recipe for her chili, cuz I LOVE her chili!!!