Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Love Halloween Season!

Look at this scary Haunted House!!! This is WC's "Haunted High" a haunted house that is put on here in our small little town. My friend who went to Haunted Houses in INDY Friday night said that those haunted houses were nothing compared to this one... that this was the best they had been to and they went to 6 in Indy! Just driving by it and seeing the people in their costumes is scary enough for me... BUT

Look who went in and SURVIVED*

YUP... My 3 yr old son and 3 yr old niece the lights were on of course and it was no scare LOL and the people dressed up passed out candy inside the house... but they were dressed up and in some places it was dark my Mom was scared LOL and screamed a few time... I however sat my Chicken butt in the car and waited for My mom, sister and kids to come back out LOL.. I'm NOT brave when it comes to things like that LOL

Friday Me mom and Kobe we to H-N's (yes I know it starts with an E but I can't spell it) and got some pumpkins to paint... Kobe was sooooo pumped as u can tell my his pose in the picture LOL.

Kobe's Camo Pumpkin

Mommy's pumpkin

Here are our "Yummy Mummys" we made. Its just a hotdog and those canned bread stix (cut in half longways) I got the idea off a blog and I can't find it to "link" to it... :o(

We also made these cookies!!
They look soooo yummy... Right?!
Well they are NOT they are sooo GROSS! Don't
Buy em unless u plan on puttin icing on them! LOL

Sunday, October 18, 2009

And The 2nd Place Winner is...(Drum Roll)


Thats right!! Kobe got 2nd Place in the Tricycle Race held at Legends Assisted Living. I was a VERY Proud Mommy!! I mean its just a tricycle race.. I know... but it was his first win and he got a trophy!! He is pretty proud of it too... He says its his "piss'n cup" HAHAHAHA AKA Piston Cup like on The Movie Cars! LOL He had to show everyone. So now we are on the mission to find a shelf to put his trophy on.

We had a really fun filled day yesterday. It started off a little rough. We were suposed to leave town and head to the craft show by 9 and I woke up at 8:50am... So I called mom and said my alarm didnt go off and give me 30 minutes. So I jumped in the shower got out, got dressed, fixed my hair, slapped some make-up on, Got Kobe dressed, Grabbed poptarts and drinks and out the door we went in 20 Minutes flat!! how the heck I managed that one I have no idea... I'm just thankful Im one of those women who dont "have to" wash their hair everyother day lol... So off we went to pick mom up and then off to get Amanda and Liv... We get to Jasper's Craft Show and since they were running outta parking we got to park pretty close to the buildings which see if it wasnt for me running late we woulda had to park far away... LOL things always work out LOL... there were probably 6-8 buildings FULL of crafts, SO many things I wanted and didnt get, do to having NO MONEY ugh! But we had fun and Mom got A LOT of cool things. So then we headed to lunch. Just McDonalds so the kids could play and run some of their energy off.. They were 2 of the best behaved kids yesterday. After we got back in town we headed to my house to get Kobe's tricycle then off to the Kid's Fest @ Legends. It was soo nice out there the place is GORGEOUS! The fest was all free... there was face painting, fishing (for ducks lol) food, music, games and more..

Later that evening my whole family gathered over to my Grandparents house for My Uncle Tom and Cousin Jacob's birthday celebration. We had potato soup, broccoli soup and coneys it was really nice. We didnt leave there til 10:30ish. I love family get togethers. I love my family and am blessed to have such a wonderful family... Here are just some pics from out day yesterday::

Kobe's Big Green Tractor Sucker from the craft show

Kobe Eating lunch at McDonalds in Jasper

Fishing for ducks

On Your Mark... Get set....


Thursday, October 15, 2009

♥Kobe Lee♥

I fall more and more in love with my son everyday... he says the funniest things and always brings a smile to my face. He is soo smart... at age 3 (and a half) he::

**Knows his FULL address!

** Can spell/recognize his name!

** knows his ABCs with some help after H hahaha...

**Would rather eat Broccoli than anything,... (cooked or raw)

** Loves all fruits and veggies and would rather have that over a sweet!

** knows all his shapes and colors

** Can play and BEAT games on for ages 4-6

** Can work the computer better than my father LOL

I could go on and on about him all day... Some of the things he says just makes me stop and think "omg how in the world did u know that"

Today Kobe: "Mom, Do u know what T-Rex eats?" Me: "yes, animals" Kobe:"no, they eat meat" HAHA Obviously Dinosaur train on PBS is paying off...

Another convo that broke my heart... this was just out of the blue, Kobe:"I not have a dad" Me:"Yes you do, what about Tim" Kobe:"No Me not have a dad, me just have my mommy, thats all I need" ..... is it possible that he is old enough to realize his father isnt in his life? Which breaks my heart even more.. I don't want him to hurt thinking about it... But I am glad that he knows His mommy is here and that I am all he needs... Makes me feel that I am doing a good job. Being a single mommy is a very hard job. But I wouldnt trade it for anything.. I Love it just being me and Kobe! :o)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Soooooooo... This whole swine flu, H1N1 whatever scares me... is it child abuse if I make my son stay in the house and never leave? LOL. Also u might all think I'm awful... But Kobe will NOT be getting the vaccine. I have this big thing with putting things in our body's, like medicines. I don't take birth control because it messes with the whole baby making system not saying it does anything wrong just how I am and how I think... I dunno I'm just weird like that... but this vaccine hasn't been around long enough for me to trust it... plus I have heard of 5 heart attack cases have happened with people who just received the vaccine... they aren't sure if THAT is what caused it...but still scares me... UGH I dunno I just hope this all gets away from this area ASAP! *SIGH*

Friday, October 9, 2009

I should be a movie/tv critic...

Every day from morning til about 8 at night... if the tv... is on its on cartoons or kids shows. But some of them drive me crazy haha and here are a few...

Max and Ruby:: Ruby who is in grade school is always taking care of her lil brother Max... Where the heck are their parents? She even had to take him to "Bunny Scouts" and he was a lil pest LOL... I mean I have never seen their parents.. One episode Grandma came over when they had a lemonade sale but thats all Ive seen of an adult figure LOL.

Caillou:: A four yr old little boy that talks and acts like a baby??? Him and his baby sister talk the same LOL... it just drives me CRAZY!! But Kobe LOVES Caillou...

SpongeBob:: Oh don't even get me started on this one... It has adult humor.. Why must the characters say STUPID, MORAN, JERK and so forth?? There is no need... Kobe used to watch that ALL the time.. and I have now took it out of his TV watching...

When the TV is on I keep it on PBS unless its in the morning and then Diego and Dora are on Nick Jr. or Disney... for Handy Manny which I LOVE!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that show!! And Another probably my FAVORITE of ALL time and I will actually sit and watch with Kobe is Arthur!!! I LOVE Arthur... We love his books too... Arthur in on PBS also.. which sometimes they say stupid but its on PBS and it always has a Point to every story!!

I know I shouldnt read into children's shows soo much but wow some of them just make me wonder LOL...

Oh and Also I can't remember the name of the show but there is a show I think on PBS and the mother and face are of different races. Which I think is wonderful...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Its NOT poop ~*LOL*

So I decided to try a recipe that one of my dear friends had and I got crap for doing it HAHAHAHA literally LOL.. I posted the pic on Facebook and everyone thought it was POOP hahahaha... They are the yummy-est LOL cookies I have ever had in a while LOL So I will post my "poop" pic LOL
I GUESS IT does look like poo LOL! But they were Yummy!! And me and Kobe made them so they were special... I dont make too many things from scratch LOL...

Another thing me and Kobe made was our Halloween Ginger Bread House... HAHAHA that was a JOKE! LOL Kobe was too young for it... and the icing was SOOOO sticky... hahaha But we had fun thats all that matters right? LOL

Sad right? HAHAHA He thought it was the best thing LOL.. So once again thats all that matters~

Saturday, October 3, 2009


AKA YARD SALE'n Kobe was a bit confused as to why we were up when it was still dark outside LOL... at 6:30 this morning... As I wrestled with my grouchy lil monkey to get his clothes on this morning he wanted to know what we were doing soo I told him we are going yard sale'n... and that maybe if he was good we would get him something at the yard sale. Well that worked for 5 minutes... long enough to get his pants and shirt on lol so in order to get his shoes and jacket on I had to "bribe" as u will lol, him with stopping at the gas station and getting him chocolate doughnuts. Healthy, right?? Oh well ... Soo off we go out to Cumback to yard sale and Kobe tells us he wants to go "barn yard'n" hahahaha after the first 2 "barn yards" he got the hang of it and would get antsy the longer we'd drive to get to the next one. He purchased a few toys himself. He'd walk up to the table lay his toy on it and hand the person the money like he was a pro LOL he thought he was HOT STUFF!!

I was on the mission to find him some fall/winter clothes since he only has 2 shirts and 1 pair of jeans. I ended up gettin him 12 shirts 4 pairs of pants, bib overalls BRAND new, and 1 pair of jammies! The shirts are nice and stain free and gently used... some are GAP, Adidas, &Old Navy.

At least the getting up at 6AM was worth it!! :o)