Monday, October 5, 2009

Its NOT poop ~*LOL*

So I decided to try a recipe that one of my dear friends had and I got crap for doing it HAHAHAHA literally LOL.. I posted the pic on Facebook and everyone thought it was POOP hahahaha... They are the yummy-est LOL cookies I have ever had in a while LOL So I will post my "poop" pic LOL
I GUESS IT does look like poo LOL! But they were Yummy!! And me and Kobe made them so they were special... I dont make too many things from scratch LOL...

Another thing me and Kobe made was our Halloween Ginger Bread House... HAHAHA that was a JOKE! LOL Kobe was too young for it... and the icing was SOOOO sticky... hahaha But we had fun thats all that matters right? LOL

Sad right? HAHAHA He thought it was the best thing LOL.. So once again thats all that matters~


  1. Hahaha I so thought about commenting on it but I didn't. Bet they were tasty :)

  2. Those are some interesting looking cookies!Lol! I guess all that matters is if you guys had fun making them!! (and of course that they tasted good!)

  3. I'm glad you mentioned the ginger bread haunted house. I was tempted to buy one for my boys, but thought they might be kind of a mess. I think I'll wait one more year! Oh, I didn't get the e-mail you sent!