Saturday, October 3, 2009


AKA YARD SALE'n Kobe was a bit confused as to why we were up when it was still dark outside LOL... at 6:30 this morning... As I wrestled with my grouchy lil monkey to get his clothes on this morning he wanted to know what we were doing soo I told him we are going yard sale'n... and that maybe if he was good we would get him something at the yard sale. Well that worked for 5 minutes... long enough to get his pants and shirt on lol so in order to get his shoes and jacket on I had to "bribe" as u will lol, him with stopping at the gas station and getting him chocolate doughnuts. Healthy, right?? Oh well ... Soo off we go out to Cumback to yard sale and Kobe tells us he wants to go "barn yard'n" hahahaha after the first 2 "barn yards" he got the hang of it and would get antsy the longer we'd drive to get to the next one. He purchased a few toys himself. He'd walk up to the table lay his toy on it and hand the person the money like he was a pro LOL he thought he was HOT STUFF!!

I was on the mission to find him some fall/winter clothes since he only has 2 shirts and 1 pair of jeans. I ended up gettin him 12 shirts 4 pairs of pants, bib overalls BRAND new, and 1 pair of jammies! The shirts are nice and stain free and gently used... some are GAP, Adidas, &Old Navy.

At least the getting up at 6AM was worth it!! :o)

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  1. Yay for yard sales! My little one's winter wardrobe is courtesy of Ebay.