Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Soooooooo... This whole swine flu, H1N1 whatever scares me... is it child abuse if I make my son stay in the house and never leave? LOL. Also u might all think I'm awful... But Kobe will NOT be getting the vaccine. I have this big thing with putting things in our body's, like medicines. I don't take birth control because it messes with the whole baby making system not saying it does anything wrong just how I am and how I think... I dunno I'm just weird like that... but this vaccine hasn't been around long enough for me to trust it... plus I have heard of 5 heart attack cases have happened with people who just received the vaccine... they aren't sure if THAT is what caused it...but still scares me... UGH I dunno I just hope this all gets away from this area ASAP! *SIGH*


  1. I'm with you, girl. We've never gotten a flu shot and none of us have ever had the flu--with that said, even if we did get it, I want our bodies to beable to fight it on its own.

  2. We agree! No new vaccines for us, and even if Theo was old enough we still wouldn't do it. Dr. Oz said one in two people will get H1N1, but he still didn't recommend the vaccine. We'll take our vitamins, and our chances I guess.
    Also, thanks for filling out my poll! I feel better reading everyone's answers. And actually I saw "Marley and Me" in the theather when I was newly pregnant - mistake! My sister and I both cried all night. Plus Pete had people over to play cards, so when I got home they were all wondering why I was crying. I should've known better - I read the book first!
    Have a nice day! - Beth

  3. No flu or H1N1 vaccines here, and I work in healthcare. I got my first flu shot ever last year, and my arm BLEW up. It took about 4 months for it to go back to normal. I'd hate to see what kind of reaction I would have to the H1N1, let alone what kind of reaction a child Em's size would have. I don't trust it. We take vitamins, drink plenty of fluids, get lots of rest, and wash our hands -- that's my defense.

  4. although i wont be getting the swine vaccine, my dad told me that the swine flu and the vaccine for it are not new things at all. he had a h1n1 vaccine when he was in the navy and he was fine. i dont know why people are getting all worked up about it. but oh well.