Friday, October 9, 2009

I should be a movie/tv critic...

Every day from morning til about 8 at night... if the tv... is on its on cartoons or kids shows. But some of them drive me crazy haha and here are a few...

Max and Ruby:: Ruby who is in grade school is always taking care of her lil brother Max... Where the heck are their parents? She even had to take him to "Bunny Scouts" and he was a lil pest LOL... I mean I have never seen their parents.. One episode Grandma came over when they had a lemonade sale but thats all Ive seen of an adult figure LOL.

Caillou:: A four yr old little boy that talks and acts like a baby??? Him and his baby sister talk the same LOL... it just drives me CRAZY!! But Kobe LOVES Caillou...

SpongeBob:: Oh don't even get me started on this one... It has adult humor.. Why must the characters say STUPID, MORAN, JERK and so forth?? There is no need... Kobe used to watch that ALL the time.. and I have now took it out of his TV watching...

When the TV is on I keep it on PBS unless its in the morning and then Diego and Dora are on Nick Jr. or Disney... for Handy Manny which I LOVE!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that show!! And Another probably my FAVORITE of ALL time and I will actually sit and watch with Kobe is Arthur!!! I LOVE Arthur... We love his books too... Arthur in on PBS also.. which sometimes they say stupid but its on PBS and it always has a Point to every story!!

I know I shouldnt read into children's shows soo much but wow some of them just make me wonder LOL...

Oh and Also I can't remember the name of the show but there is a show I think on PBS and the mother and face are of different races. Which I think is wonderful...


  1. hahaha i agree with you. except i just cant turn away from spongebob. i love him. haha.

  2. I have always wondered about Max's parents as well. Mas and Ruby is one of Hayleigh's favorite shows. He also such a brat and never listens/obeys his sister. Drives me crazy.

  3. Oh, Honey... if you've only seen the Grandma from Max and Ruby one time, you've not been watching Max and Ruby enough LOL. I think I've been forced to watch every episode at least 3 times -- Em LOVES that dang show!

  4. Haha, Andrea, we feel the same way about kids' shows! Caillou is such a little brat and I can't stand that voice. And I love Arthur! When I was a nanny, the kids didn't even like Arthur but I would make them watch it sometimes just because I liked it. I guess I shouldn't look forward to my son watching tv, but I am just a little bit looking for an excuse to watch "REading Rainbow" and "Barney" again. :-)

  5. HA. I died reading the Max and Ruby comment. Seriously... where are their parents?!! The gma came over for a makeover once to. But really... neglect!