Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rain Rain go AWAY!

The rain has been constant pretty much all weekend. Kobe's soccer game was canceled Saturday morning because of all the rain. There has been some major flooding around here. Adam and Krista got some crazy flooding in Jasper. But that didn't stop us from having an awesome weekend!

On Saturday we celebrated Mom's birthday with a cook out at their house! Dad grilled burgers, brats and hotdogs. To go with the grilled food we had my Macaroni and Cheese, Amanda's potato salad, Krista's pasta salad and AMAZING guacamole she made. I'm serious this was THEEE BEST guac I've Ever had!!! Even my non-anti-never gonna eat it- guacamole hatin husband liked it! So you know it was good LOL Well he said "it wasn't bad, but I'd never ask for it" he just can't say he liked it because that would go against his human nature LOL.. OH and my dad made homemade No-Bake cookies to go with the cake I made for mom...

 After we ate Kobe and Noah helped papaw out by digging up an old brick patio area so dad can plant a garden in the near future!

 These two who are SO much like did ALL this work alone. They built this "wall" as Noah called it. And got all the brick out and ready to go for their papaw!

Today after church we(minus Adam and Krista) all decided to go eat lunch. So I went and picked Jason up and we ate at America Table which was PACKED but SO good and the prices are awesome!

After we ate lunch Mom, Dad, Jason, Kobe and I all got in my van and went to Rural King in Vincennes and shopped around some. Kobe had some money to spend so he bought a new fishing pole and some other fishing things. After we got back into Washington we dropped Mom and dad off we went to walmart. Kobe had a few more dollars burning a hole in his pocket so he bought a few more fishing things. Jason and I surprised him with a new bike! He had out grown his other bike so before camping season comes we thought we'd get him a new one!

Here it is!!

He was very surprised! He was even out riding it in the pouring rain lol!

His sister was out enjoying the rain too...

Here is a few other things that have went on...

Wednesday Morning I woke up about 4 am with the WORST stomach pain I've ever had. If I didn't know better I would have thought I was in active labor. It was THAT bad. I could barely sit up. It was so bad I was puking.. well trying to, I should say. I text Jason finally about 5am and told him I thought I needed to go to the ER. I could barely move. I thought I was going to pass out it was so bad. Finally about 5:15 I decided I did need to go because this wasn't letting up so he left work and called my mom to come get Kobe so he could take me to the ER. He even beat my mom to our house. So after I got dressed we headed to Jasper. It was the LONGEST ride of my life.. Then when we get there the receptionist is asking 485,159 questions. But I did get to go right back to a room and everyone there was AMAZING! Right way I was given this nasty stuff to drink.. GI Cocktail Is what they called it. Cocktail my ass.. That tasted like poison. They drew like 5 or 6 vials of blood and started an IV right away. They had to make sure I wasn't in labor.. Sadly I wasn't lol. They did a CT scan and that came back ok and my blood work was ok.. although my white blood count was in the 17,000s and an average range is 4,500-10,000 So that was a little high.. He diagnosed me with Acid Reflux/GERD but I still don't think that's it. He said even though my gallbladder looked ok on the CT and my blood work was ok on it, that doesn't mean it is ok. He told me to talk to my DR about it. I go there on May 3rd So we'll see what he says! The ER doc put me on  protonix. Hopefully he's right and that will be the end of those pains.

Kobe and I decorated my Grandma's head stone with some new Spring flowers! I think they are so pretty, bright and spring like. I know Grandma loves them!
  As I was putting them in I noticed my great grandparents needed some new flowers too so I took a bundle from Grandma's and put them in my Great Grandma and Grandpa Hobson's too...
Bless Kobe's heart he was walking around and fixing peoples flowers that were knocked over, being so careful not to walk acrossed their sites. He then asked if he could take the old flowers we took out of Grandma's and put them in the person close to grandma that didn't have any flowers. I said sure and next time we go out there we will bring them new flowers too! I love that my child has such a big heart. Makes me feel like I did something right in raising him!

So last but not least...

this news is a bit shocking...

brace yourselves!





Hahaha after a day of questions I got them going and they are coming along fine lol
Although they couldn't bring them in church because they didn't know how to silence them haha God Love Em'!

Well looky here.. I didn't wait so long to blog again... Maybe I'll be better about it now..

Don't hold your breath!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Ooops Did I do that?!"

Let me start out buy showing you some recent pics of my children 2-legged and 4-legged!

Aren't they so cute!!!

So Soccer is in FULL SWING! Kobe wouldn't let me take a pic of him for his first practice hahaha

 On Spring break We went and had lunch with mom!

 Kobe's new phone case finally came in the mail

Jason Kobe and I put an invisible fence in for Roxy! It took for ever but we got it done even in the rain!

 Jason ended up losing his NEW wedding ring why we were doing the fence so we borrowed Olivia's metal detector and had no luck. After I gave up Kobe found it as he was walking around the garden!!!

 Dad Kobe and I tried out a new church and fell in love with it! Mom didn't sleep the night before so she didn't go with us but went the following weekend.. Tomorrow will be our 6th Sunday going :)
 Kobe and some neighbors fishing at the lake
 We Celebrated this little lady's Birthday!!

Kobe and I went to our 3rd Mother/Son Dance!

 Bought Kobe some hunting gear! Got these Carhart's on Sale!!! reg: $80 we got them for $40

 Went to see Beauty and The Beast!!!
 Kobe and I read for school/work!

Kobe spent the first week of April taking the Hunter's Education class and PASSED with a 98/100!!!

He'll be ready to hunt when hunting season comes around!

 So of course his PROUD Mother had to have a small surprise party when he walked in the house!!

Jason got me a mother's ring!

Last Sunday was Easter! Here are some pics from after church...

 My dirt pudding that I forgot an ingredient in hahaha
 Jason made a homemade Strawberry Rhubarb pie! Notice his cute little "Happy Easter"
 We had dinner at my parent's house.

Kobe and Liv's soccer team is doing SO good this year we are 3-0 this season so far! Kobe and Liv has had several assists on goal.. Kobe got his first goal of the season.. a header from a corner kick.. for the OTHER TEAM hahaha... He was like "oooops Did I Do That?" Gotta love him thought :)

Kobe has been doing awesome this season. Back to the old Kobe he used to be. Aggressive and not to many people get around him back on defense! His speed has increased too.. His love for soccer has returned and it makes my heart happy!

While Kobe was fishing with Adam and dad, Jason and I took Roxy out to the lake and introduced her to it. At first she didn't want to get in but Jason just pitched her in... then she got to lovin it!!

 This picture cracks me up!

 Last but not least we got a new roof on our house!!!!

That's about it for now. Until next time!