Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its been TOO long!

WOW its been a LONG time since I wrote! Thanks to Jess who reminded me I need to get back to bloggin.. Im glad someone missed me on here LOL...

We had a great Memorial Day weekend... Friday we went and helped decorate and prepare food for my Aunt Denise and Uncle Tom's 25th wedding Anniversary. We were there late and Kobe didnt get to bed til after midnight. Then Saturday we had their party at 3. It was really nice and a pretty good turn out... My cousin TJ did a really good job puttin it together... He has a "Roast" (to some a Toast)which was HILARIOUS!! Which doesnt surprise me because he is pretty funny all the time. Then after the Anniv. Party there was an 'after party' at their house... we all had a REALLY good time... we took several Golf Cart rides... four wheeler rides...and played outside... the kids even got in the hot tub... it was tooo hot...silly kids LOL

Me and Kobe at the Anniv. Party

TJ givin his "Roast"

My Aunt Denise and Uncle Tom

Mia, Olivia, Kobe, and Joshua...they all played so well together... it was nice

Ashtin being a big boy at the party

My Dad and Brothers dog had puppies!!!!!!!

They are 2 weeks old here!!!