Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kobe has mastered shoe tieing :)

Busy Busy Weekend

Started the weekend off with running errands with Mom Friday.. We went to Jasper so I could look for Jason a wedding band.. No such luck.. well in Jasper at least. Although we went to Kmart and I found a pair of Jeans, a shirt and 2 night gowns all for $37.00.. The night gowns and shirt was only $3.99 each.. Gotta love a good bargain :) So we came back in town and had lunch at El Mazatlan. After I was almost done eating I started to have yet another panic attack. I came home and laid down and finally about 3ish I felt better. These have got to go away.. they are so scary. But anywho after Mom got Kobe off the bus for me we went looking for wedding bands again.. and I found one WOOHOO! I was sooo happy with my purchase.. Go figure it was in my own lil town and of all places Wally World :)
I also got Kobe a pair of Jeans.. size 6 and they are HUGE.. the adjustable waist is pulled as tight as they can go.. This child was pushing a size 7 in August. Now he *could* be in a 5.. Ahhh... No wonder the doc was worried about his weight loss.. Although I am almost 100% positive he is losing weight because he is aloud to play outside now since we moved and have a yard. Also He is active at school with recess and P.E. Which reminds me.. last weekend it was GORGEOUS out and I told him to get off the laptop and go play outside.. he moaned and groaned but then did as I said. He rode his bike for awhile and when he got bored he came back inside an asked "why" he can't play on the laptop.. I told him he needs to be outside in the fresh air getting exercise.. Well he brings the laptop in the living room and says look Mom I can do both.. and he log onto and they had a "workout, exercises video" So here he is on the laptop doing exercise too.. this kid kills me LOL he is ROTTEN I'm telling ya lol!

So Anyways to end our night Friday we went to the Homecoming Parade.. The parade was so good.. I was so impressed.. All the class floats were cute.. They were all board game related. We had so many friends and family too watch for in the parade.. Like my niece Olivia who was walking with her Great Uncle's campaign people (can you tell I'm not into political stuff? lol) She thought she was pretty cool and I admit she did look pretty cool ;)

 Kobe trying to get his bag ready for candy
Saturday all the guys(except Kobe) went fishing.. So Amanda, Mom, Kobe and I went to the Cruiz-in. That is my FAVORITE time of the year.. I LOVE it! Although Amanda and I choose some horrible seats.. lol We sat on Main St and across from the Tique.. Well it was fine until the cruiz started and all these drunken fools came out and whooped and hollered the whole time lol. But we didn't let them ruin our time :)
Today we went to our monthly family dinner at my Grandparents.. We had chicken and Dumplings, mashed potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, fresh Green beans, yeast rolls and then brownies and apple pie for dessert. It was yummy... The best part was that my family was together and having a good time :) Even though not all was there.. maybe next time..

Monday, September 12, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy!!

Saturday we went fishing. Up by the boat ramp there were TONS of little minnows of course the Bean wanted to catch one.. so I dig a cup out of the van.. see I knew there was a reason I keep my van trashed..
Yeeeeh I don't know what I'm thinking letting my son where white to go fishing in.. let alone PLAY in the water.. let ALONE even buy my 5 yr old SON a white shirt LOL  Soo after MANY attempts and some frustration he caught one LOL FINALLY!!!

Dr. Bean.. Calling Dr. Bean...

Kobe found a great find at a yard sale Saturday.. it was a "Doctor's case" He's always wanted one.. not sure why I haven't gotten him one before now.. So I had to bring my "baby" in to see Dr. Bean.. He was a good Dr. :) Very pleasant, Super Niiiice, Greeeeat bedside manner.. but was alittle needle happy.. I believe my baby got a shot in the nose, leg, cheek, butt, head, arm, oh yeh and in the ear. hahaha. I tried to snap a few pics but he caught on rather quickly lol


 "Stop I'm tryin to work"

Attack from the "Jammie party'n" fish! (Weekend recap)

Friday night we had Jason's kiddos.. So we ordered pizzas, rented a movie and relaxed.. We rented Hoodwinked 2.. kinda odd movie lol.. Kids liked it soo that's all that matters :)
 Look how trashed my living room was lol 3 kids can do a number in seconds :) <3 them though!
 Aren't they precious!!!
 The jammies Mikayla is wearing are some I got her... my sister was selling them in her yard sale. They were my FAVORITE that my niece wore and I REFUSED to let her sell them (I'm such a hard ass LOL) I asked Amanda if I could buy them off of her.. of course Amanda just gave them too me :) If you can't tell .. they are silky jammies with Cherries on them...
Saturday morning.. the kiddos went home :( and Kobe and I hit up a yard sale.. I got him 4 shirts.. spending a whopping $2.75 woohoo.. It was a cold nasty rainy day. We were bored.. when J got home we decided to go to the Antique Tractor Show.. UGH we drove ALL the way there (15 min give or take lol) and the parking was CRAZY... half a mile away from the fairgrounds.. NO thanks.. So we decided against the crowd...
On the way home.. I had to pull over so Jason could drive.. I was NOT feeling well at ALL.. was hot, felt dizzy, just not right in the head, my chest was hurting.. felt faint, etc.. so I closed my eyes and laid back in the seat.. well we got home.. I came inside and laid down... I was NOT feeling better.. I was almost getting worse.. I thought I was dieing seriously.. I've done this 2 other times too... I honest to God thought I was having a heart attack.. then I was scared.. told Jason we need to go to the ER ASAP... we get there and of COURSE they are the SLOWEST hospital possible! So the nurse took my vitals.. my BP was kinda high.. 167/99 sooo once I got back in the room(20 min later) she retook my BP and then it was 153/99 wich was still kinda high.. I never have had high BP even when I was preggers it was fine. FINALLY the DR. comes in told him what went on.. by this time I was feeling better.. said it was an anxiety/panic attack.. he gave me a print out.. EVERY single symptom but 3 were exactly what I was doing/having... I'm suuuuuposed to be on meds for anxiety but me thinking "I'm fine, I don't need pills" I took my self off.. big no no! I've realized driving triggers them... sooo back to the doc I go.. ugh.. I can't keep having these.. they are scary..

 so anyways.. after I "snapped out of it" we decided to go fishing.. we didn't get any fish worth keeping but you wanna see what I GOT!!

Well chigger bits!! UGH itchy ... Note to self: Don't wear flip flops and capris fishing!

Sunday, Sunday... Suuuuuunday
Sunday was a lazy but productive day... Cleaned house, did all the laundry, J and Kobe washed the vehicles, baked dad a b-day cake,  threw him a little party..  played, cooked out and just had a nice day!!

*I'm not really this tall LOL I was standing on the steps to the house HAHAHA*
 Steaks with BBQ mmmm!
 Thanks to J... He made mine perfect.. nice and "well done/crispy" just the way I like it!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm not afraid...

Sooo I was just dozing off last night and I heard Kobe crying. I went to his room and he was sitting up in his bed. I walked over to him and asks whats wrong. He lays back down and mumbles something so I cover him up and ask him what he said.. He snuggles in his blanket and says "I can't find 'Q'.." I said the letter Q? He said "Yeh he was right there, now he isn't"... I laughed because that is NOT what I thought he was crying about lol.. So I said "check by R, he might be there" Kobe rolls over and says "ok" and goes to sleep lol. Kobe has always acted out dreams.. ever since he was little.. But they were nightmares. The Doctor called them "Night Terrors" this was different for once.. he wasn't scared, he just couldn't find his letter "Q" lol. I was always told not to wake him while he is in the sleep mode. Just to make sure he didn't get hurt. I've recently figured out that he does that when he has to go potty. Its like he wakes up because he has to go but doesn't fully wake up... Hopefully he'll grow out of that.

Ever heard Eminem's Song "I'm not afraid"? Well I recently got a new Mp3 player since ours was left/stolen.. well J had a few songs on his computer, That being one of them. Which if you know J you would think that's odd since he is 100% country.. but anyways.. I put it on the Mp3 player well Kobe already liked that song because I used to be into Eminem. Now every morning that's what we have to listen to on the way to school.. Does this mean my 5 year old is going to be a "thuglet"? HAHAHA that's a little thug in case you were wondering lol

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Much of a change?

Preschool 2010   
                     Kindergarten 2011

I can't tell if there is much difference in his looks or not. But I DO know he is a cutie pie! I love this kiddo!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day weekend...

Every Labor Day my whole family goes camping and dad always  has a "fish fry" at the camp ground. My Grandparents always come out and eat with us. We have a good time. The kids ride their bikes all over the campground love every minute of it. Although J, Kobe and I didn't "camp" over night.. we went home every night because we didn't have a tent this year. A couple who was camping next to my parents site have an old school bus that they turned into a camper.. Redneck?! Yes. very!.. but guess what.. Jason and I are wanting to do that. We found one for $1,000. I am engaged to the King of Rednecks and I love every minute of it and every inch of him lol. We went inside the couples "camper" aka bus.. and it was cool..  and we were "sold" lol
Anyways Dad fried fish, Adam managed the grill for "non-fish eaters" aka Mom and Anna lol, I made homemade Hush Puppies, and Amanda had the baked beans going, Grandma made homemade potato salad.. it was yummy...
Here are some pics of us all after the fish fry..
 Pic above is Luke and Jason .. pic below is Adam, Dad, and Josh
 Left to right: Anna, Amanda and Mom
 Monday evening we were going to have a cook out and invite everyone over but we figured all the campers would be pooped so we just had our own little cook out.. I marinated chicken breasts in "Caribbean jerk" marinade, and we took veggies and marinated them in Italian Dressing, wrapped them up in foil and grilled them too.. they were SO yummy.. this is something Jason's always done.. I've never had them before. We took Zucchini (yes we still are eating that stuff lol) yellow squash, onion, green pepper, and cherry tomatoes.. cut them up put them in a big ol bowl and let them sit drenched in Italian dressing all day.

 For dessert I made homemade Apple Crisp. Jason was craving it, so we found a recipe in my Great Grandma's cook book I had received when she had passed... the pics doesn't do it justice for how it taste. It was scrumpdilicious!!! I'll post the recipe soon...

Good Bye August!

My son always seems to amaze me.
He was quiet in his room the other day, for Kobe that usually (not always) means he's up to no good. I walked in his room to find him sitting at his desk writing. He was writing sentence
 from a book of his. So I quietly backed out into the hallway and snapped a pic with my cell before he could see me :)

 Another thing he did... was come out to Jason and I and showed us his "Math" I was shocked.. I mean I've done math problems with him on his Magnadoodle. But never has he wrote out the math problem his self and answered them.. He's a smart cookie for 5 :)

 This could possibly be "child abuse" LOL making your 5 yr old open the can of cresants because I'M too big of a chicken LOL Seriously that is one of the things I hate the most.. its the opening canned biscuits and knowing its going to POP open and scare the pee wadden outta ya LOL Kobe loves doing it LOL so he's my biscuit opener :)

J made me this at work one day when he had free time.. He is a welder and made this heart out of scrap metal :) I thought it was sooooo sweet that he thought of my enough to make something like this.. I LOVE it :)
 We went over to Lowe's the other morning.. I was behind this at the stop light.. its a picture of the butt of a horse and then under the pic says "There is one in every group" aka Horse's Ass LOL I thought it was funny.. not sure why they chose to put it on their NICE motorcycle storage trailer but whatever... lol