Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good Bye August!

My son always seems to amaze me.
He was quiet in his room the other day, for Kobe that usually (not always) means he's up to no good. I walked in his room to find him sitting at his desk writing. He was writing sentence
 from a book of his. So I quietly backed out into the hallway and snapped a pic with my cell before he could see me :)

 Another thing he did... was come out to Jason and I and showed us his "Math" I was shocked.. I mean I've done math problems with him on his Magnadoodle. But never has he wrote out the math problem his self and answered them.. He's a smart cookie for 5 :)

 This could possibly be "child abuse" LOL making your 5 yr old open the can of cresants because I'M too big of a chicken LOL Seriously that is one of the things I hate the most.. its the opening canned biscuits and knowing its going to POP open and scare the pee wadden outta ya LOL Kobe loves doing it LOL so he's my biscuit opener :)

J made me this at work one day when he had free time.. He is a welder and made this heart out of scrap metal :) I thought it was sooooo sweet that he thought of my enough to make something like this.. I LOVE it :)
 We went over to Lowe's the other morning.. I was behind this at the stop light.. its a picture of the butt of a horse and then under the pic says "There is one in every group" aka Horse's Ass LOL I thought it was funny.. not sure why they chose to put it on their NICE motorcycle storage trailer but whatever... lol


  1. hahaha you crack me up! Great work Kobe! BTW opening those cans are one of my biggest fears hahaha, if hubs isnt home, I throw it on the edge of the counter life 50 times till it pops on it own. bahaha.

  2. lol I may need to borrow Kobe next time I have a can to pop. Em screams from the other room when she hears it, so she's no help!!