Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy Busy Weekend

Started the weekend off with running errands with Mom Friday.. We went to Jasper so I could look for Jason a wedding band.. No such luck.. well in Jasper at least. Although we went to Kmart and I found a pair of Jeans, a shirt and 2 night gowns all for $37.00.. The night gowns and shirt was only $3.99 each.. Gotta love a good bargain :) So we came back in town and had lunch at El Mazatlan. After I was almost done eating I started to have yet another panic attack. I came home and laid down and finally about 3ish I felt better. These have got to go away.. they are so scary. But anywho after Mom got Kobe off the bus for me we went looking for wedding bands again.. and I found one WOOHOO! I was sooo happy with my purchase.. Go figure it was in my own lil town and of all places Wally World :)
I also got Kobe a pair of Jeans.. size 6 and they are HUGE.. the adjustable waist is pulled as tight as they can go.. This child was pushing a size 7 in August. Now he *could* be in a 5.. Ahhh... No wonder the doc was worried about his weight loss.. Although I am almost 100% positive he is losing weight because he is aloud to play outside now since we moved and have a yard. Also He is active at school with recess and P.E. Which reminds me.. last weekend it was GORGEOUS out and I told him to get off the laptop and go play outside.. he moaned and groaned but then did as I said. He rode his bike for awhile and when he got bored he came back inside an asked "why" he can't play on the laptop.. I told him he needs to be outside in the fresh air getting exercise.. Well he brings the laptop in the living room and says look Mom I can do both.. and he log onto and they had a "workout, exercises video" So here he is on the laptop doing exercise too.. this kid kills me LOL he is ROTTEN I'm telling ya lol!

So Anyways to end our night Friday we went to the Homecoming Parade.. The parade was so good.. I was so impressed.. All the class floats were cute.. They were all board game related. We had so many friends and family too watch for in the parade.. Like my niece Olivia who was walking with her Great Uncle's campaign people (can you tell I'm not into political stuff? lol) She thought she was pretty cool and I admit she did look pretty cool ;)

 Kobe trying to get his bag ready for candy
Saturday all the guys(except Kobe) went fishing.. So Amanda, Mom, Kobe and I went to the Cruiz-in. That is my FAVORITE time of the year.. I LOVE it! Although Amanda and I choose some horrible seats.. lol We sat on Main St and across from the Tique.. Well it was fine until the cruiz started and all these drunken fools came out and whooped and hollered the whole time lol. But we didn't let them ruin our time :)
Today we went to our monthly family dinner at my Grandparents.. We had chicken and Dumplings, mashed potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, fresh Green beans, yeast rolls and then brownies and apple pie for dessert. It was yummy... The best part was that my family was together and having a good time :) Even though not all was there.. maybe next time..

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  1. Andrea I can never comment on your blog! I think the problem is my phone. I am trying it from a computer (lunchtime at school!) so we'll see.
    I just wanted to tell you to hang in there. Panic attacks are so scary, but they won't hurt you if you know how to handle them. I hate that they can be embarrassing though! My sister and I both get them, but it has been a long time for me so I hope yours subside.
    Glad you and Kobe had a great weekend and that we saw you for a second at the parade. P.S That's so cute about Kobe exercising on the computer!