Monday, September 12, 2011

Attack from the "Jammie party'n" fish! (Weekend recap)

Friday night we had Jason's kiddos.. So we ordered pizzas, rented a movie and relaxed.. We rented Hoodwinked 2.. kinda odd movie lol.. Kids liked it soo that's all that matters :)
 Look how trashed my living room was lol 3 kids can do a number in seconds :) <3 them though!
 Aren't they precious!!!
 The jammies Mikayla is wearing are some I got her... my sister was selling them in her yard sale. They were my FAVORITE that my niece wore and I REFUSED to let her sell them (I'm such a hard ass LOL) I asked Amanda if I could buy them off of her.. of course Amanda just gave them too me :) If you can't tell .. they are silky jammies with Cherries on them...
Saturday morning.. the kiddos went home :( and Kobe and I hit up a yard sale.. I got him 4 shirts.. spending a whopping $2.75 woohoo.. It was a cold nasty rainy day. We were bored.. when J got home we decided to go to the Antique Tractor Show.. UGH we drove ALL the way there (15 min give or take lol) and the parking was CRAZY... half a mile away from the fairgrounds.. NO thanks.. So we decided against the crowd...
On the way home.. I had to pull over so Jason could drive.. I was NOT feeling well at ALL.. was hot, felt dizzy, just not right in the head, my chest was hurting.. felt faint, etc.. so I closed my eyes and laid back in the seat.. well we got home.. I came inside and laid down... I was NOT feeling better.. I was almost getting worse.. I thought I was dieing seriously.. I've done this 2 other times too... I honest to God thought I was having a heart attack.. then I was scared.. told Jason we need to go to the ER ASAP... we get there and of COURSE they are the SLOWEST hospital possible! So the nurse took my vitals.. my BP was kinda high.. 167/99 sooo once I got back in the room(20 min later) she retook my BP and then it was 153/99 wich was still kinda high.. I never have had high BP even when I was preggers it was fine. FINALLY the DR. comes in told him what went on.. by this time I was feeling better.. said it was an anxiety/panic attack.. he gave me a print out.. EVERY single symptom but 3 were exactly what I was doing/having... I'm suuuuuposed to be on meds for anxiety but me thinking "I'm fine, I don't need pills" I took my self off.. big no no! I've realized driving triggers them... sooo back to the doc I go.. ugh.. I can't keep having these.. they are scary..

 so anyways.. after I "snapped out of it" we decided to go fishing.. we didn't get any fish worth keeping but you wanna see what I GOT!!

Well chigger bits!! UGH itchy ... Note to self: Don't wear flip flops and capris fishing!

Sunday, Sunday... Suuuuuunday
Sunday was a lazy but productive day... Cleaned house, did all the laundry, J and Kobe washed the vehicles, baked dad a b-day cake,  threw him a little party..  played, cooked out and just had a nice day!!

*I'm not really this tall LOL I was standing on the steps to the house HAHAHA*
 Steaks with BBQ mmmm!
 Thanks to J... He made mine perfect.. nice and "well done/crispy" just the way I like it!!!

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