Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day weekend...

Every Labor Day my whole family goes camping and dad always  has a "fish fry" at the camp ground. My Grandparents always come out and eat with us. We have a good time. The kids ride their bikes all over the campground love every minute of it. Although J, Kobe and I didn't "camp" over night.. we went home every night because we didn't have a tent this year. A couple who was camping next to my parents site have an old school bus that they turned into a camper.. Redneck?! Yes. very!.. but guess what.. Jason and I are wanting to do that. We found one for $1,000. I am engaged to the King of Rednecks and I love every minute of it and every inch of him lol. We went inside the couples "camper" aka bus.. and it was cool..  and we were "sold" lol
Anyways Dad fried fish, Adam managed the grill for "non-fish eaters" aka Mom and Anna lol, I made homemade Hush Puppies, and Amanda had the baked beans going, Grandma made homemade potato salad.. it was yummy...
Here are some pics of us all after the fish fry..
 Pic above is Luke and Jason .. pic below is Adam, Dad, and Josh
 Left to right: Anna, Amanda and Mom
 Monday evening we were going to have a cook out and invite everyone over but we figured all the campers would be pooped so we just had our own little cook out.. I marinated chicken breasts in "Caribbean jerk" marinade, and we took veggies and marinated them in Italian Dressing, wrapped them up in foil and grilled them too.. they were SO yummy.. this is something Jason's always done.. I've never had them before. We took Zucchini (yes we still are eating that stuff lol) yellow squash, onion, green pepper, and cherry tomatoes.. cut them up put them in a big ol bowl and let them sit drenched in Italian dressing all day.

 For dessert I made homemade Apple Crisp. Jason was craving it, so we found a recipe in my Great Grandma's cook book I had received when she had passed... the pics doesn't do it justice for how it taste. It was scrumpdilicious!!! I'll post the recipe soon...


  1. I've always wanted an old school bus or a VW bus! :-)

  2. I am cracking up at your school bus camper!! I wanna help paint the outside of it when you DO get one lol