Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hello Spring!

I think Spring is finally here and plans to stay! We had a high of 80° yesterday! Which of course meant storms how ever it didn't storm here at least not to my knowledge. I slept so good last night so anything could have happened lol. I have my capris and flip flops out and they are here to stay!

Soccer has started! Kobe had his first game Saturday. They lost but they all played so well! My niece Olivia who is on Kobe's team this year scored her first goal of the season!! We were so excited for her! Kobe played awesome and is ever more aggressive than last year. I hope he sticks with soccer because he's so good at it and I love it lol.

 Kobe had the ball but my cell phone snapped the pic at the wrong time
Kobe (farthest away) and Liv (middle) ready on defense!

Kobe awesome new Water Bottle! Isn't it CUTE!?

We celebrated Olivia's 7th birthday first by eating at a mexican resturant here in town
Then she had a party at the bowling Ally.

Her cake that I made ;) My first time making/using fondant

We had our first weenie roast/fire for the year!! We had a few of our friends out and had a great time! Obviously too much fun that my glider cushion got melted along with a cooler! Lets just say "MEN!" lol "BOYS!"

We had a great time though and I can't wait to have more night like this!

Here are some more pics to look at

This is my bathtub... as you can tell we are still having septic problems..

 Had a weenie roast for lunch!

He's not even mowing lol he's just riding!

I unearthed these out of the landscaping... so I re painted lol

I still have some to do on the dog plus there is another dog I found that needs repainting...

 Amanda and I took the kids skating over Spring Break! Kobe is a pretty good skater!

This is what happens when you live in the country and farmers spread manure on their fields

My dirty hubby after a day a work.. sadly this is the cleanest I've seen him come home from work
 Hubby and after Church on Easter Sunday!

 Kami Lynn all dolled up as usual!!
Kobe's monkey he did in art class. I asked if he got in trouble at school for making a butt on it and he said the Art teacher just said "I hope he's potty trained" NEVER a dull moment with my son!
That's about all that's going on in the Colvin Coop!

Easter 2013

We had two Easter get togethers this year. Jason's Aunt and Uncle had us at their house on Palm Sunday. It was a really good time. The Easter Bunny was there, the kids hunted eggs and then they had a pinata! The food was yummy of course! They are German and always have my favorite thing  there.. it is the German potato salad. If you don't know what that is, its a hot potato salad and its oh so yummy!!

Then we had Easter Dinner at our house this year. My Parents, sister and her family, my brother, Grandpa Solliday, Grandma and Grandpa Hill and Cousin Jake and his wife and kids came. It was really nice! We had ham, Broccoli casserole, Crack potatoes, deviled eggs, rolls and mac n cheese.. desserts were Orange Jello cake and strawberry shortcake dessert..


Of course the Easter Bunny came to visit!

Easter 2013 was a good time!