Monday, November 23, 2015

A little bit of TMI

Okay time really needs to slow down a bit. I felt like I was on top of things in "blog world" But I guess not. I'm actually far behind once again. I can't believe it's almost December already. I am usually way ahead on Christmas shopping but not this year. I've only bought Kobe 1 gift so far and 1 thing for his stocking. It's so different this year since Kobe doesn't believe. I feel like something is missing. He did ask if we could just pretend he  did and still do the whole Jack thing. OF COURSE we can! (that was said in my Monica Gellar voice lol)  So anyways.. let's go back to Oct. We went  and got some pumpkins to carve. I LOVE carving pumpkins. I love the smell, the guts of the pumpkins, just everything about it!..

So I saw this new way of carving pumpkins on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a try. It worked really well but I needed a bigger pumpkin.

Jason and Kobe both used pictures out of the book that came with the carving kit

This is Kobe's Wolf howling in front of the moon

Lol here is my pumpkin. It's our last name..

I thought I got a pic of Jason's but I guess not..

So on Halloween the kids had their championship game for soccer..

 Of course we WON lol jk.. I mean Yes, we did win but I'm not really a person that likes to rub it in. ;)

My pretty niece and handsome son!

Me and my soccer boy!!

Kobe and his team!

Kobe with two of his best budz!

Later that night we went trick or treating. Kobe was the Grim Reaper this year.. He even had a walk that was really creepy! It's sooo nice that I can sit in the van and he goes to places by himself. Not lets back up a minute lol we go to only friends and Family and all the safe spots.. and I can see him the WHOLE time lol although some times he wanted ol'mom to go with him :)

On Nov 8th. We celebrated my precious nephew's 2nd birthday with a Paw Patrol party at his house!
About a week before his birthday I started singing happy birthday to him. One day over at my parents house I started to sing it to him and all I got out was "Happy Birthday to You, Happy Bithday.." and he turns to me and puts his tiny little finger to his mouth and says "SHHHHH..." of course Mom and I laughed so hard.. we had never heard him do something like that before.. FYI he shushed us on his bday too lol.

 So I ended up leaving Noah's party early because I had an appointment at QuickCare. I had been sick with a horrible couch, mucas, all that junk. I was to the point I felt like I couldn't get a deep enough breath and it scared me so I finally broke down and went to the doctor. Well as I got there I was taking to a room and they started taking my vitals. I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter and my face was very flushed feeling. The nurse took my blood pressure (b/p) 87 times. Not really but I felt like it. She kept getting  really really REALLY high readings. So they said they would take it again in a bit. So the Nurse Practitioner comes in and was very concerned about my b/p but decided to do a chest xray since there had been a few ppl come in with pneumonia so they take me back and we get that done then after 30 minutes we get the test results.. shows I have fluid in both lungs. She said she was sending me to the ER since my b/p was so high (she never told me and I forgot to ask) and I had fluid in my lungs. So Jason and I head to the ER. I'm in tears. I was scared. A. I'm a big baby and B.I was afraid I would be admitted. So after we waited a good time in the waiting room I finally get called back to get my vitals well I have Jason and mom wait with my phone/purse while I go back because USUALLY you go back out and wait until the room is ready.. Well not me they took me right back so I had to go back to a room alone (did I mention I'm a big baby) so I'm back there for about 20 minutes and they came and took my B/P it was  200/110 so the doc said to the nurse to get blood work and start and IV. I start to panic because again I'm a big baby and my mommy was in the waiting room and I had no way to get her. I begged the nurse to go get my mom or Jason and she says "They might not be able to come back, we are getting ready to AirVac someone out." by this time I was about to have a anxiety attack.. I'm sitting in the room talking myself out of it when I heard the chopper come in, I'm in the room RIGHT on the corner by the helipad.. I can see it come down and then I think "Oh great, Mom and Jason will probably think I'M the one getting shipped out." So by this time there is a knock on my door and it's Jason.. THANK GOD! So I'm about in tears and I say "Your gonna have to hold my hand they are going to do blood work and and IV. So the nurse starts in my left arm in the inside elbow area.. no luck then goes down to my left hand and sticks the needle in and right back out she blew the vein. By this time I'm full blown crying and sweating so then she goes to my right arm in the bend and goes in. She's in there for awhile and pulls the needle out and goes in a different spot she then says "If she can't get it this time she's done trying, that she wont dig for a vein, I told her once she's in it doesn't hurt so she can look for the vein and RIGHT after my prayer and before she gave up she hits it!!! YAY! We have blood and get the IV. They shoot lasix in through my IV and hope by getting the water off me that my B/P will go down. Then FINALLY my mom gets to come back!! The doctor then comes in and says that we are going to do an EKG because to check my heart to make sure I'm not having congestive heart failure.. umm WHAT?? So in comes this lady who sticks all this sticky things all over me and hooks me up to a machine.. it only took a few minutes and that test was done. So the doc comes back in and says my white blood count was up.. it was supposed to be a 10 mine was 14.9 so they start and antibiotic in my IV. They also tell me my levels for a blood clot were elevated so they are going to do a CT Scan of my lungs and heart and they would be in soon to get me. So this sweet lady comes and gets me and talks to me the whole way down to the test telling me how they might have to redo my IV if its not a good one since this dye they have to put in me has to go really fast in and it could blow my vein.. so I prayed like no other and as we push fluids saline in to cleanse it first I was able to taste it really bad so that was a good sign of a good IV. She then puts some thing on it so that if it does blow the vein it will spray me outside of my arm rather than go in my arm.  So I lay down on the CT table and get comfy as I could when they started to move me in I really had to talk myself out of freaking out.. I was fine but my mind didn't think so.. So she tells me I'm gonna feel like I peed my pants. That there is a warm rush through my body as the dye goes in.. So she tells me "Ok we are starting the dye" I'm expecting my vein to burst and get sprayed with the dye but nope it did just fine! And I DID feel like I peed my pants. I also had my hands up by my head and could feel the heat come out of the top of my head. It was WEIRD! So I get back to my room and after some more waiting around the doc comes in and says my EKG was normal I did NOT have a blood clot in my lung or heart.. PRAISE THE LORD..Everything else looked good except my white blood count and I was anemic and It did show pneumonia in both lungs.. So they retook my b/p and it was 160/96 which was WAY better than before but still a little high.. they sent me home on an antibiotic.. they did not admit me thank the Good LORD!
 A week later and this is the after of having my b/P taken so many times.

This was a week after my ER visit and I still had bruises. 

So that following Tuesday I went to see the NP at my doctor and when I got there my BP was 210/100something (I swear I have white coat syndrome) so she said she would recheck before I left well I got  prescribed some B/P meds to take (Obviously) and they rechecked my b/p and it was 166/94 before I left. I also had to do a urine test. BUT the good news was I had lost 27 pounds since my last visit!!! So I had to start my b/p meds the following day.. then see her again in a week. So that following Tuesday my b/p was 146/84 which she was VERY happy with. She said it would take a few weeks to get that down to where we want it. It takes a good 2 weeks for the meds to do what they are supposed to.. but we were on the right path. Also something in my urine was elevated or off and she wanted to do a 24 hr urine sample.. So I had to collect every pee for 24hrs.. THEN.. get this.. put it in a jug and keep it in my FRIDGE!!(Yuk!) So I did that Friday and Saturday.. so we'll see what that shows but on the bight side I had lost 6 more pounds .. 6 pounds in a WEEK. I'll take that!

So anyways.. with me being off a week of work I missed Kobe's school program. I was VERY bummed! I looked fwd to this all year! Thankfully I have a wonderful mother who went in my place!
 The only good pic I could get of Kobe on his program night..

In other news.. Mom, Kobe and I hit up some craft shows!

My scrumptious smelling soap I got..

 a pretty rainbow out my back yard.. at like 7am

Got a new mailbox at a fleamarket for $8.. woohoo!!

until.. next..... time...

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