Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lots of things have been going on..

The weather has been awesome.. Its starting to show signs of spring.. I'm so excited.. Bring it on Spring.. I'm ready for you. I signed Kobe up for soccer this Spring. He had to decide between that or Karate.. I'm glad he chose soccer. We have soccer running through our blood. I played til Jr. High, my sister played up through HS, my brother played, cousins played.. its just meant to be ;)

We added new family members this past month. My sister in law gave birth Feb 17th  to a beautiful little girl Ella Marie, she weighed 8lbs 6 oz and was 22 1/2 in long she is soo precious.. Jason and I went to visit her and her 3 proud big brothers last Friday and I got to snuggle her.. according to my husband afterwords I was a "baby hog" lol oops.. The other little bundle of joy was born Feb 20th. My cousin's wife gave birth to Miss Kamrin Lynn she weighed 6lbs 10oz.. she is so precious.. I love her so much already.. So many babies.. this does not help a woman with baby fever...

My poor sister has been in and out of the hospital for the past 4 weeks. She has been having severe pain in her stomach. Its been awful for her. Her white blood count has been sky high. Its been over 20,000 when its supposed to be in the 9,500 range.. after several CT scans and blood work they are pretty sure it is Crohn's Disease. Hopefully she can now be on the road to recovery and get to a point where she can control these flare ups. Its breaks my heart seeing her in so much pain and in the mess shes in.

In other news theres some plans in our future that could be great for us. We shall see how that goes but I'm not going to speak of it yet just in case plans fall though. lets just say its a move and its OUT of Daviess Co.. never thought I would say that ;)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Things that make you smile..

I was looking on FB and a lady posted a pic of a child in a child harness.. it made me have a flash back and made me smile.. but ya know those "child leashes"? lol When I was a kid I thought moms were SO mean for putting their kids in those. Until I had a WILD child LOL. I still dont like them but I did use it... ONCE and only ONCE lol.. we were going to a corn maze and Kobe was at the age where he didn't want you to hold him but if you didn't hold him he would run until he couldnt run anymore lol so I thought I would purchase one of those harnesses mainly for myself. To put my mind at ease knowing my child wouldnt run off and get lost in the corn. So I went to walmart and they had updated them. They were more "cool" looking and not so "pet" looking lol Kobe's was a monkey who looked like he was getting a piggy back ride from Kobe.. and the tail was the "leash" part lol. I thought I can do this.. it doesn't look so bad.. So we get to the corn maze. We get Kobe out of his carseat (he wasn't even 2 yet) put the harness on him and what does he do!?! he gets on ALL 4s and starts barking like a DOG!!!! I about died!!! Needless to say he humiliated me and I was served my KARMA right then and there lol... He never wore it again lol..

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Kobe Lee!

Wow 6!?! I can't believe the precious baby boy I had on Valentine's Day back in 2006

 is 6 years old today.. Its a very emotional day for me. Every year when its "that time" for him to turn another year older it saddens me. I have a bit of pride though knowing I, me, ONLY me raised him to be the awesome kid he is now.. with NO help from his "father".. I am very proud of the child he has become. This morning he was full of hugs and cuddles. As I read him emails, texts, Facebook posts from people, some who don't even "know" him he loved everyone of them and was soo sweet  in thanking them. He was very concerned that HE didn't have a Valentine present for ME.. I assured him that was more than fine because HE was in fact my Valentine present every year.. and that was MORE than enough.. I got him his Valentine's present out because I couldn't wait until after school lol so I brought it in the living room and he loved it.. Its great that something so simple can make my child's day.
I've been looking at pics on the computer and in Kobe's photo case and I've be too emotional. I miss those old days I hate that my child is growing up too fast.. its seriously makes me cry. I want to go pick him up from school right now and just cuddle him lol. So I was comparing the past birthday pictures and the change is crazy..

I heard SO many times "enjoy them while they are young. They grow too fast" its soooo true..
Sunday afternoon we had Kobe's party at 2:00pm. it was Dinosaur themed. I got a lot of cute ideas off of Pinterest.. Kobe loved every thing I did.. it made me feel good that this was making him so happy. After his party when we were eating Dinner he told me that he wanted another Dino party next year because it was the BEST birthday ever.. :)

The Party was a success!