Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Kobe Lee!

Wow 6!?! I can't believe the precious baby boy I had on Valentine's Day back in 2006

 is 6 years old today.. Its a very emotional day for me. Every year when its "that time" for him to turn another year older it saddens me. I have a bit of pride though knowing I, me, ONLY me raised him to be the awesome kid he is now.. with NO help from his "father".. I am very proud of the child he has become. This morning he was full of hugs and cuddles. As I read him emails, texts, Facebook posts from people, some who don't even "know" him he loved everyone of them and was soo sweet  in thanking them. He was very concerned that HE didn't have a Valentine present for ME.. I assured him that was more than fine because HE was in fact my Valentine present every year.. and that was MORE than enough.. I got him his Valentine's present out because I couldn't wait until after school lol so I brought it in the living room and he loved it.. Its great that something so simple can make my child's day.
I've been looking at pics on the computer and in Kobe's photo case and I've be too emotional. I miss those old days I hate that my child is growing up too fast.. its seriously makes me cry. I want to go pick him up from school right now and just cuddle him lol. So I was comparing the past birthday pictures and the change is crazy..

I heard SO many times "enjoy them while they are young. They grow too fast" its soooo true..
Sunday afternoon we had Kobe's party at 2:00pm. it was Dinosaur themed. I got a lot of cute ideas off of Pinterest.. Kobe loved every thing I did.. it made me feel good that this was making him so happy. After his party when we were eating Dinner he told me that he wanted another Dino party next year because it was the BEST birthday ever.. :)

The Party was a success!

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  1. You are such a great mom & he is such a lucky little boy to have you! I always get kinda down around Blade's birthday... and the begining of the school year. It's so hard to see him growing up... and away from me!