Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lots of things have been going on..

The weather has been awesome.. Its starting to show signs of spring.. I'm so excited.. Bring it on Spring.. I'm ready for you. I signed Kobe up for soccer this Spring. He had to decide between that or Karate.. I'm glad he chose soccer. We have soccer running through our blood. I played til Jr. High, my sister played up through HS, my brother played, cousins played.. its just meant to be ;)

We added new family members this past month. My sister in law gave birth Feb 17th  to a beautiful little girl Ella Marie, she weighed 8lbs 6 oz and was 22 1/2 in long she is soo precious.. Jason and I went to visit her and her 3 proud big brothers last Friday and I got to snuggle her.. according to my husband afterwords I was a "baby hog" lol oops.. The other little bundle of joy was born Feb 20th. My cousin's wife gave birth to Miss Kamrin Lynn she weighed 6lbs 10oz.. she is so precious.. I love her so much already.. So many babies.. this does not help a woman with baby fever...

My poor sister has been in and out of the hospital for the past 4 weeks. She has been having severe pain in her stomach. Its been awful for her. Her white blood count has been sky high. Its been over 20,000 when its supposed to be in the 9,500 range.. after several CT scans and blood work they are pretty sure it is Crohn's Disease. Hopefully she can now be on the road to recovery and get to a point where she can control these flare ups. Its breaks my heart seeing her in so much pain and in the mess shes in.

In other news theres some plans in our future that could be great for us. We shall see how that goes but I'm not going to speak of it yet just in case plans fall though. lets just say its a move and its OUT of Daviess Co.. never thought I would say that ;)

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  1. I'm excited to see where your future is! Congrats on all of the new babies! :)