Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Things that make you smile..

I was looking on FB and a lady posted a pic of a child in a child harness.. it made me have a flash back and made me smile.. but ya know those "child leashes"? lol When I was a kid I thought moms were SO mean for putting their kids in those. Until I had a WILD child LOL. I still dont like them but I did use it... ONCE and only ONCE lol.. we were going to a corn maze and Kobe was at the age where he didn't want you to hold him but if you didn't hold him he would run until he couldnt run anymore lol so I thought I would purchase one of those harnesses mainly for myself. To put my mind at ease knowing my child wouldnt run off and get lost in the corn. So I went to walmart and they had updated them. They were more "cool" looking and not so "pet" looking lol Kobe's was a monkey who looked like he was getting a piggy back ride from Kobe.. and the tail was the "leash" part lol. I thought I can do this.. it doesn't look so bad.. So we get to the corn maze. We get Kobe out of his carseat (he wasn't even 2 yet) put the harness on him and what does he do!?! he gets on ALL 4s and starts barking like a DOG!!!! I about died!!! Needless to say he humiliated me and I was served my KARMA right then and there lol... He never wore it again lol..

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  1. I always get a kick when ever I see kids in child leashes. The other day I actually saw a parent waling their kid and dog. Their child was in a leash and their pitbull was totally off leash.