Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Recap!

What a BEAUTIFUL day it was today... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this weather....! Makes me in such a good mood! My Weekend was PERFECT!!! Couldn't have asked for anything better!!
Friday:: Derrick arrived about 2pm and we hung out around the house with the crazy kiddos until about 6:30 and we went and met my Mom, TJ, Laurie and Zach at Mi Pueblo for dinner... I'm sorry but I still am liking El Mazatlan WAY better... but that's just me! While we were there it started storming and the power went out. Not for too long tho. Then it was time to leave and it was POURING out! So Derrick the sweet heart that he was went and got the truck that was far away since Mi pueb was PACKED as usual. So me and Kobe went to get in the truck and were were SOAKED! We looked like we took a shower with our clothes on LOL. We were more wet than Derrick LOL. After we ate we went over to Laurie's and hung out. Tina and her hubby Chris were there also. We had a really nice time.
Saturday:: Me and Kobe woke up to Derrick surprising us to breakfast... Which was nice.... then later he fixed lunch. I could SO get used to this LOL. Later that afternoon he wanted to see the Amish part so we took a stroll through the back roads of Montgomery. Then over to Glendale to see the camp ground. Then we headed over to cum back so I could show him my Aunt's house. Than through Maysville than back to Washington lol. It was a beautiful day for a drive. When we got back to Washington we went and had Scoop's...

Later that evening we went over to my grandparents so they could meet Derrick. He was kinda nervous because he's sooo shy but he did fine and they really like him. :o)

Sunday:: Today Derrick had to leave about 11:30 :o( but he's gotta get home and work on the farm... So we (me and Kobe) headed to my parents. We had my cousin Luke's Birthday at 1:oo My Aunt made Coneys...they were delicious! And a majority of my family was there. We had a really nice time and didn't end up leaving Grandma and Grandpa's til about 8:30pm. It was SUCH a wonderful day with the family. I truly am blessed!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bye Bye Rock Bottom... Hello New beginnings!!

I'm probably at that point in my life were some consider "rock bottom". Living off welfare, no vehicle, no job, etc. Now I will admit I'm WAY better off than some people as I sit here in my nice cozy bed watching cable TV as I type this post on the Internet on my nice laptop that.. Okay okay maybe "rock bottom" isn't the WORD... but this is the lowest my life has been. At one point in my life I had a husband, job, house, vehicle, etc. and in a matter of months it was all gone... Dated a few duds, thought I would never meet a sweet guy who loves me and my son.. HELL my ex HUSBAND my son's FATHER didn't even love us. I mean its obvious he didn't love Kobe or he wouldn't be sitting down in Evansville not giving 2 shits about his son. But that's okay buddy u keep them checks coming and We'll be fine you POS! But anyways I was about to give up hope. After over a year of meeting/talking to SEVERAL men and finding out they ALL are jerks. I finally after along time of being friends start to have feelings for this guy. So one night I expressed these feelings and he was relieve because he too had feelings, STRONG feelings at that. He was happy to hear I felt the same. So now Me and Derrick are going on 4 weeks and it is sooooo amazing that it took us this long to become a couple. He is very sweet caring and LOVES Kobe and they best part is Kobe LOVES Derrick. That makes me know HE is the one. If Kobe is happy then Mommy is happy. Just please say a little prayer that things go smoothly and my life can start to change for the better. And if anyone knows of any job openings I need an 8-5 shift do to daycare hours PLEASE let me know or let THEM know about me! :o) Well my little KoKo Bean just crawled in bed with me so I need to get off here and snuggle with him.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zoo Day!

We decided to go to the Zoo today since the weather was nice. We haven't been since they got the new section. Which was VERY nice! The new main entrance was VERY appealing and looks sooo nice... now I hope they work on the older part of the Zoo it is in MAJOR need of a face lift... We had a fun day and really enjoyed ourselves. Kobe had a blast. This was the first year he was able to appreciate the zoo. Although every time we'd come to a new exhibit he would grab on to me and ask "are the loose?" hahahaa No Kobe they are in cages LOL than he was fine LOL he is kinda of a "chicken little", I'll admit he gets that from his Mommy :o) Here are some pics from today! HAHAHAHAHA EXCUSE this first picture!

Monday, August 24, 2009

"wus dat?"

As I sat the plate of lunch down on the table today I hear from both kids "wus dat" after I stoped laughin I said "I used to eat these when I was little, they are called 'Pigs in a blanket'." Olivia gives me this look like"What the hell are u talkin about" hahaha I handed them one and told them to try them. Of course they LOVED them lol but they were still weirded out bout the "name"
So I try one and I dont see why I liked these when I was a kid... BLAH! But the kids loved them and they were so easy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Luv'n this fall like weather!!!!

Kobe is FULLY potty trained!! WOO HOO!! He has finally realized once AGAIN that pooping in the potty is not scary after all... So now he goes all the time with no accidents... I'm sooo proud of him. It took a little bribing but hey it worked!! LOL I made Kobe up a money container and told him if he went in the potty all week he would get to buy a toy with his money... So he was determined to fill that money container up and he sure did.... It was the BEST birthday present I have EVER received!!