Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bye Bye Rock Bottom... Hello New beginnings!!

I'm probably at that point in my life were some consider "rock bottom". Living off welfare, no vehicle, no job, etc. Now I will admit I'm WAY better off than some people as I sit here in my nice cozy bed watching cable TV as I type this post on the Internet on my nice laptop that.. Okay okay maybe "rock bottom" isn't the WORD... but this is the lowest my life has been. At one point in my life I had a husband, job, house, vehicle, etc. and in a matter of months it was all gone... Dated a few duds, thought I would never meet a sweet guy who loves me and my son.. HELL my ex HUSBAND my son's FATHER didn't even love us. I mean its obvious he didn't love Kobe or he wouldn't be sitting down in Evansville not giving 2 shits about his son. But that's okay buddy u keep them checks coming and We'll be fine you POS! But anyways I was about to give up hope. After over a year of meeting/talking to SEVERAL men and finding out they ALL are jerks. I finally after along time of being friends start to have feelings for this guy. So one night I expressed these feelings and he was relieve because he too had feelings, STRONG feelings at that. He was happy to hear I felt the same. So now Me and Derrick are going on 4 weeks and it is sooooo amazing that it took us this long to become a couple. He is very sweet caring and LOVES Kobe and they best part is Kobe LOVES Derrick. That makes me know HE is the one. If Kobe is happy then Mommy is happy. Just please say a little prayer that things go smoothly and my life can start to change for the better. And if anyone knows of any job openings I need an 8-5 shift do to daycare hours PLEASE let me know or let THEM know about me! :o) Well my little KoKo Bean just crawled in bed with me so I need to get off here and snuggle with him.

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