Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zoo Day!

We decided to go to the Zoo today since the weather was nice. We haven't been since they got the new section. Which was VERY nice! The new main entrance was VERY appealing and looks sooo nice... now I hope they work on the older part of the Zoo it is in MAJOR need of a face lift... We had a fun day and really enjoyed ourselves. Kobe had a blast. This was the first year he was able to appreciate the zoo. Although every time we'd come to a new exhibit he would grab on to me and ask "are the loose?" hahahaa No Kobe they are in cages LOL than he was fine LOL he is kinda of a "chicken little", I'll admit he gets that from his Mommy :o) Here are some pics from today! HAHAHAHAHA EXCUSE this first picture!

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