Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekend on a whim

Friday night we decided to go get a pool in Jasper. So after my last kiddo left Friday we headed to Jasper. We went to Rural King to get the pool. While we were there the guys discovered the new gun section. Jason had Kobe trying out shot guns. They finally have the one Jason is wanted to get Kobe *gulp* that is SCARY! MY "baby" old enough for a shot gun? old enough to hunt? Jason says yes at least lol. He's going to get him into Hunter's Education course as soon as we find out some info on when and where he can take it. Kobe could be out hunting with the guys this year! AHH! Of course Jason will be right there beside him but still.. I didn't think anything about it when my brother was his age and out there hunting but I now know what my mom felt lol. So anyways we also go some bug spray to wear when we are in the yard or fishing etc. its called Buggins its a Vanilla Mint & Rose it keeps those annoying gnats aways too which regular spray doesn't. That was the best $6 I've ever spent.
After we left Rural King we went to Denny's to eat dinner.
It was soo yummy. Its my favorite place to eat.
While we waited for our food we got to listen to a mom tell her 4 yr old if he didn't get in his seat she was going to throat punch him.. Mother of the year right there LOL
Waiting patiently
After we ate Kobe and I headed to the Dollar Tree to get pool things..while Jason ran to walmart. We got goggles, floaties, noodles etc. all for $1 a piece!!
Saturday we spent filling up the pool. it was chilly like 68* out but that didn't stop us from getting it set up..
Sunday Kobe and Jason got in the pool.. they were frozen lol and Kobe's lips were blue lol We are trying to teach Kobe how to swim. That's our goal for the summer! So far he's doing really well.
Sunday Jason went and weed eat his parents pond.. So Kobe and I sat by the pond and fished! Of course Jason was on the opposite side of the pond and Kobe caught the biggest fish he has ever caught lol.. it took both Kobe and I to get it out of the water lol. So Kobe had to run through the woods and get Jason because we are both chickens and can't take the fish off LOL..
After Jason got done weed eating he used Kobe's pole and caught a huge bass..

We had a nice relaxing weekend.. my house is still a mess but I enjoyed the outside instead of cleaning lol.. a messy house never killed anyone right?!

What an eventful morning..

Kobe has been having headaches since Monday (Memorial Day). They are so bad they wake him up at night. So Friday the 31st we went to see his Dr. She was very concerned about his headaches.. until I told her how his breath was horrible. She was relieved to hear that because that meant it was more than likely a sinus infection. She wrote him a script for antibiotics and nasal spray. Then told me to get him into a chiropractor ASAP to get adjusted. If the meds and adjustments don't work than he'll have to have an MRI. We really don't want to do that..

 So after we left her office at 9am I called a chiropractor right away and they had a spot open at 9:45 so we took it. He worked on Kobe and said he saw a spot that was probably giving him the headache troubles and was going to get him working again lol.. he wanted to see Kobe back yesterday so we went and he worked on him some more this time it was a fast visit.. maybe 5 minutes tops, Kobe was glad of that lol.. we have another appointment with him on Thursday afternoon.. Then Friday we go back to see his regular Dr. for a follow up. So far he hasn't had anymore headaches and his breath is WAY better.. so I think we could be on the road to recovery! YAY!