Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What an eventful morning..

Kobe has been having headaches since Monday (Memorial Day). They are so bad they wake him up at night. So Friday the 31st we went to see his Dr. She was very concerned about his headaches.. until I told her how his breath was horrible. She was relieved to hear that because that meant it was more than likely a sinus infection. She wrote him a script for antibiotics and nasal spray. Then told me to get him into a chiropractor ASAP to get adjusted. If the meds and adjustments don't work than he'll have to have an MRI. We really don't want to do that..

 So after we left her office at 9am I called a chiropractor right away and they had a spot open at 9:45 so we took it. He worked on Kobe and said he saw a spot that was probably giving him the headache troubles and was going to get him working again lol.. he wanted to see Kobe back yesterday so we went and he worked on him some more this time it was a fast visit.. maybe 5 minutes tops, Kobe was glad of that lol.. we have another appointment with him on Thursday afternoon.. Then Friday we go back to see his regular Dr. for a follow up. So far he hasn't had anymore headaches and his breath is WAY better.. so I think we could be on the road to recovery! YAY!

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