Saturday, December 13, 2014

Winner, Winner...Christmas Dinner

I have no idea where that title came from lol.. I never have clever titles for my post .. To start off I'll talk about Kobe and his indoor soccer team going undefeated all season!! Whoop Whoop!! Even though in indoor they don't have a "Champion" we still knew we were undefeated.. This year was a first for Kobe.. He loved it.. I wasn't to much of a fan.. I'm more into out door soccer.. He loves soccer no matter where he's playing it lol..

Later that day we celebated Jason's 32nd birthday.. I made him a carrot cake with cream cheese icing.. and we got him a butchering table with a sink that you hook the garden hose to...

Sunday we headed out to the Christmas Parade.. It wasn't too cold like it usually is..

Today we kicked off our Christmas shin-digs with Leavell's Christmas..

We had finger foods.. Meatballs, nachos, cheese balls, veggie pizza, shrimp, ham and lots of others yummy stuff!

We played Dirty Santa as always.. it was such a good time.. I love family time!!

Here are my winnings.. lol I brought this and really wanted it.. So I had to get it back lol

Fuzzy socks and a cute mug!!

Christmas is sneaking up on us.. it will be here before you know it...

Here are some random pics from my phone..

I made him a wrestling belt LOL..

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Thanksgivin' Ya'll

...that title was in my "Paula Deen voice".. We had a pretty good Thanksgiving.. We started out at Jason's parents.. We had a yummy dinner.. I love my mother-in-laws stuffing.. Its right up there with my Grandma's and THAT my friends means it is good.. Jason's Aunt and Uncle brought smoked salmon from Alaska. I actually tried it and it was really good.. I'd love to try all types of sea food/sushi But I don't know how i'd go about it.. Maybe I can talk my hubby into goin to some where in Eville and we can try some new things out.. but anyways.. we ended up leaving my in laws early since my Father in law got sick and had to be taken to the ER. (everything checked out fine) I took my step kids back to their mom and headed over to my Grandparents house.. just in time to see everyone before they left.. It was really nice to catch up with all my cousins that were there.. I don't see them very much anymore since they live down south but I'm going to plan something for all us cousins.. no "adults" just us "kids" sometime in the near future.. maybe spring or summer so there is more to do..

Here is what I brought to Thanksgiving..

Individual pineapple upside down cakes

Here are the two Noah's in the family

Some BEAUTIFUL random chick.. oh wait thats me LOL.. but seriously.. look I CURLED my hair and have FULL FACE make-up on.. say what?!

So after the Thanksgiving festivities Me, My mom, my brother and my DAD! Headed out to Black Friday! Yes its on Thursday but I still call it Black Friday.. We were late.. couldn't get a cart because everyone else had already claimed them.. we had NO clue where anything was because we were late and didn't get a map.. so dad and Adam went one way and we went another.. When we met up with Dad and Adam later dad said "this wasn't that bad" I said well no, because we were late.. and missed the rush.. did I mention we were LATE?? lol But we actually got everything we came for. Dad got a wrist band for the TV he wanted.. Adam got a ticket for his 50" TV he wanted.. Mom got what she wanted.. this was all at 6pm so Dad  couldn't get his tvs til 8pm so we went out and sat in the car waiting on 8.. My dad who had the brilliant idea of coming out early and parking the car close to the store and then having someone drop us off at Walmart to shop.. So closer to 8 dad went back in and waited in line.. Mom and I walked around the store to look what was left.. you can always find stuff that ppl grabbed and then put back in random places.. so we got a few more Christmas gifts.. after 8 dad got his TV and then we were done with our black Friday shopping.. it wasn't really to bad.. But I didn't go after little stuff this year and thats where all the craziness usually is.. But I think we have created a monster and I think Dad will be going on more Black Friday Shopping adventures.. he even went the next day with my Mom, Kobe and I to do some more shopping lol..

The tree is up and Jack as arrived! BRING ON Christmas!!!