Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend was awesome as usual.. We went camping with the whole family. We tent camp and its really not that bad but Jason and I have decided we want a camper... so we'll be on the look out for a cheap(haha) camper.. The weather was PERFECT! It rained once when we were out around the fire but only for about 5-10 minutes but that didn't stop us.
Poor Kobe had a few episodes with night terrors.. he had at least one a night.. I hate watching him have those. his throat seems to be doing good. He's been off meds since Friday. He's eating solid foods. Last night he ate a whole grilled porkchop that I cut up and hashbrown casserole with no problem. He's doing great other than his breath that could kill a person. Although now he is having headaches? He had one Monday morning when he woke up and then another Monday night he had another today.. so I'm not sure whats going on there. We go see his Dr. Friday for a check up so I'm going to talk to her about his headaches and his night terrors. We don't see his ENT doctor for a follow up until June 20th. But they did call to check on him and ask if he needed more pain meds which he didn't.. He's a little trooper!
This year the camp ground had activities for the kids. The first night they had a parade. They all decorated themselves and their bikes and had a parade..

Saturday night we had our annual fish fry.. Dad, Jason and I battered 15+ pounds of fish. Plus homemade onion rings. We had a lot of ppl out this year. All of us, my grandparents, friends and even Adam's new girlfriend's family came out for the fish fry. It was a good old time with cornhole, music, laughing and lots of fun. Now that I total it up there were 22 ppl there. Thats a lot of ppl to have around a fire at the camp ground lol.
Uncle Josh found a turtle that was a hit with the whole camp ground
Kobe, Jason and I snuck away Sunday evening and had some time to ourselves.. we went and sat by the lake and Kobe caught minnows while Jason and I sat and talked which was nice because he had been out of town for work and we missed each other.. We aren't used to time away and we don't like it lol. He tried to teach me how to skip rocks across the lake but that didn't work well for me.
Even though we spent all weekend around a fire.. I'm ready for the next fire with friends and family..

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