Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh wow!

“We are apt to forget that children watch examples better than they listen to preaching.”

- Roy L. Smith

Yesterday when Kobe came home from school I told him he wasn't aloud to do anything until he cleaned his room.. he JUST cleaned it Saturday morning and it was near a disaster again.. Momma wasn't happy so I told him Sunday night that he was going to clean it after school. So when he walked in he went straight for the PlayStation.. I reminded him about his room.. he moaned and groaned but went in there and started cleaning.. whining the whole time about how he worked so hard at school and he just needed a break. How tired his muscles were and he couldn't do this.. He begged and begged me to come help him.. I knew this wasn't going to be an easy thing because he had been up since 2:30 AM... Yes you read that right.. my child has trouble sleeping at night even with the help of melatonin.. I even bumped it up to 6mg and STILL has trouble sleeping... So he came through the living room to the kitchen bringing one piece of paper to the trash at a time.. and then was fussin because he was sick of walking back and forth lol... I told him to get a walmart bag out of the pantry so he didn't have to walk back and forth.. he refused and kept walking back and forth lol Then came in crying because his art box (my in-laws got him a box FULL of art supplies that he plays with almost EVERY day) wouldn't close (he wore the lid out) and was getting him very frustrated.. so I told him we'd just throw it away and get him a new one.. You would have thought I said we were going to cut off his arm by the way he looked at me... I said, "Kobe, why don't you listen to me? I try to give you tips on cleaning your room and you won't listen." he walks away and says in this sarcastic Andrea voice.. "Your right Mom, your always right, I'm always wrong, sheesh.." I laughed only because that was soo ME... then I wanted to cry because that was sooooooooooo me.. wow I need to think before I speak sometimes haha.. Its proof kids are like sponges.. they soak everything in even when you think they aren't...


  1. hahaha, sorry to laugh but I love the you right mom comment. Isabelle also HATES cleaning her room and tells me her arms arent strong enough and Mom, I only have 2 hands!! We are in trouble when those teen years roll around. She also is not the best sleeper. She still wakes up several times during the night and gets up at like 530 in the morning. Jude sleeps better than she does, so I feel your pain on that one :( Never tried the melatonin thing

  2. Melatonin doesn't work for me. I'll send you a link to a sleeping aid for kids made by the same company who make those teething tablets. May be worth a shot.

    It's scary listening to my kiddo play with her dollhouse because the mom sounds an awful lot like me, and I cringe every time I hear something I know she got from me. Just a reminder to try to be better about things :)

  3. Kids say the craziest things and I think Kobe wins out of all kids hahaha. hope he sleeps better soon!

  4. Oh my Goodness. Isn't it a kick in the face when that happens (them say something they picked up from you.) I know if I ever have a child I wont be able to complain about picky eating, or wanting brownies for breakfast or cleaning up my laundry on the floor. haha! Hope Kobe has a wonderful birthday! I thought about him!