Thursday, January 12, 2012

Party Planning

Okay so I've been planning Kobe's 6th Birthday party... His Birthday is on the 14th of Feb.. Aww my Valentine Baby. So we'll plan it for the weekend before since thats in the middle of the week. Kobe has changed the "theme" like 4 times on me.. I need to quit letting him watch TV lol First it was Transformers, then Spiderman, Cars 2, Dinosaurs and now back to Cars 2 lol This changes depending on what he watches that day lol So looks like it is going to be Cars 2.. Now we are planning on getting him a present that was J's idea. I was okay with it and J has already been looking and have a couple narrowed down..I'm not going to say what it is because that will ruin the blogs to come lol. But now I'm torn between where to have his party.. Do I want to spend money on a place, e.g. Mr. Gattis, Bowling Ally, YMCA etc.? Or just have it at home? So I decided just to have it at home. Buuuut then that would mean I couldn't invite ALL his friends. I thought, wait a minute.. He's only 6 lol, Why am I stressing so bad?.. So I got to thinking and counting and thought.. most of his "friends" are family. Ugh I stress about the silliest things. J's right I "think too much".  So we are having a cars theme at our house.. lol with friends and family.
I can't believe my baby boy will be 6.. Ahhh that seems sooo OLD!!!! *tear* Where did time go??

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  1. We are the only people in the USA who haven't seen Cars (or Cars 2). We may just have to rent it! Good luck with your party planning. Based on your pinterest, I would say your party will be lots of fun!