Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend rewind..

This weekend was a good and relaxing weekend. I love spendin time with my guys! Although I'm a horrible sister-in-law since I TOTALLY spaced Amy's babyshower :( I LOVE baby showers and was looking fwd to this.. about 4 I was in the bathroom and Jason knocked on the door and said "weren't you supposed to go to a baby shower" ugh why am I such a space cadet??

Jason and my cousin Luke went rabbit hunting today and came home with 5 rabbits that they had to skin and cut up.. so since I always have to take pictures I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics..

Right after this pic I got to see NASTY intestines.. Not what I was wanting to see.. lol They got 3 females and 2 males.. Kobe of course loved watching them skin the rabbits lol.

Jason promised Kobe that they could shoot his BB gun when he got back. He waited very patiently for Jason to get home.. in the meantime we made Volcanoes...

 2.5 hours later.. it was time to shoot the BB gun... I printed him some targets off the internet... he did a pretty good job and even shot the bulls eye 2 times!!

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