Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stop Light 101

Green light means - Go.

Yellow Light mean- Caution / Slow Down.

Red Light means- Stop.

Well... same goes for the little car in Kobe's class room. All the kiddos have a car with their name on it. If they are good all day they get to stay on green. If not they move to Yellow for a warning. Then Red means.. well its not good. At least this is my understanding on how the system works in the classroom.. well all last week and the week before Kobe had ALL green..(Which means he gets to pick out of the treasure box on Friday) Even yesterday (Monday) He came home with a green. That is the first thing I check as soon as I grab his folders out. Well today he had a little trouble..


He hung his head and said I'm really sorry Mom. It was an accident.. he said this like 100 times.. I swear... I asked him what had happened for him to get yellow.. he claimed he didn't know. Then he finally told me he turned on a light in the cabinet(??).. Well come to find out it was the trophy case in the school.. Understandable.. as to why he got yellow.. I told him I wasn't happy that he got yellow and maybe he can try a little harder to not get on yellow anymore.

Ugh I hate that he got yellow. He hates that he got yellow. Yellow sucks. I know its probably not the last time he'll get yellow. But the first time is a shocker.. Not because I think my kid is perfect.. I'll be the first to tell you he is a stink weed, But just the fact he was misbehaving at school upsets me.. I know I'm a freak and I worry too much.. Oh well.. Tomorrow is a new day.. Go Big GREEN!!.. We are rooting for a GREEN tomorrow..


  1. Blade got a RED the 3rd day of Kindergarten! He was heartbroken... He came home and cried all afternoon. I went in the next morning to find out what had happened... He had been in line going to Art and he was jumping. The teacher told him to stop & he didn't. Same thing coming back from Art... So he pulled a Yellow & then a Red. When I asked him why he was jumping & why he didn't stop when Miss Horton told him to, he said "Cuz I was a kangaroo. Kangaroos don't walk they jump & they don't know what people are saying." I thought for sure the teacher & I were both going to die laughing. He was just so serious. lol

  2. You are such a good mommy and your worrying means you love him that much more!

  3. Aww... hopefully he got green the rest of the week.