Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Little bit of this an a little bit of that...

First off let me just tell ya what kinda morning I had this morning *sigh* Sooo Kobe wanted to walk in school alone this morning.. I was hesitant but agreed he could. So we pull up to the school.. he puts his back pack on and hops right out of the van. He runs to the door.. opens it right up and goes in.. so I pull away and look in my rear view mirror.. and here he comes out AHHHH.. There's no way I can turn around or stop since I'm in the flow of "school traffic" so I go around the "block" and go back into the crowded school zone and he must of went back in.. THAT'S when the the panic attack set in.. my stomach was in knots.. All I wanted to do was go in and check to make sure he was ok or that he was IN the school.. so I came home and made my self sick from worrying.. so I finally decided to call the school and check on him.. The Secretary gave me the teachers VM. I left a message letting her know what I wanted and asked if she could call me back. About a half an hour later my phone rings and its Mrs. K. She assures me he is there and just fine and that she wouldn't have even guessed he was even upset (IF he even was. I'm sure it was just ME *sigh*) I thanked her for calling and putting my mind/stomach at ease.. Maybe I worry to much.. Not sure if that a good thing or not..

Sooo anyways this past weekend it was sooo nice outside.. Thank Goodness since we had no A/C... we soon found out the a/c unit was broke in the house we moved into.. We were lucky there wasn't REAL hot days like we had not to long ago. We are renting a trailer in a local trailer park right now with the option to buy. Are goal is to buy it.. find land out in the country and move it out there and then build onto it. We both decided we were okay with doing that and it also wouldn't put us in soo much in debt by doing this step by step. The last thing we want is to be up to our ears in debt. We are both trying to start fresh from our 'not so good' previous "marriages". So we "spruced" up the outside of the trailer.. Its AMAZING what a pressure washer can do and how awesome it makes things look lol Kobe was soaking it all in trying to figure out the whole pressure washer thing lol
In the mean time he rode his bike.. well spent most of the time putting the chain back on.. it was stretched and Jason had to take the wheel off and move it back some.. BTW... don't let your child mess with the chain.. I learned the hard way it WILL cut them.. He had a nice little cut on his finger :(

This is before the pressure washer... YUCK!!

Jason hard at work lol

After the pressure washer.. well 3 days after lol the steps are kinda muddy again.. But wow.. it really did clean them..

I'll take pics of the inside.. sometime soon.. I about have all the boxes unpacked :) Its pretty nice inside.. doesn't feel like a trailer except the first night we had the windows open (cause of no a/c) and I felt like I was camping.. I still feel like I'm camping when we are outside with all the trailers around and kids riding bikes all day/night long :) But I like it.. This is coming from a girl who stated before (when I was younger) "I will NEVER live in a trailer" hahaha Funny how ya change when you get older..

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