Thursday, August 18, 2011


Kobe started Kindergarten this past week (Aug 16th). The first day he was sooo ready to go.. but as we were walking into the school the more he was hesitant. When we got in class he had to act like he was fixing his back pack.. He gets so embarrassed/nervous with new settings. He didn't get that from his momma :) Must be another trait from his "Father". But anywho.. I finally told my Mom that we were just going to have to go (yes I am still a baby and have to have MY Mommy go places with me LOL) *maybe he did get that trait from me* He was fine and didn't cry.. neither did Momma.. well there in the school I didn't... I BAWLED like a baby on the way home. I was so scared for Kobe. THEN to top it off he was riding the bus home *sign*.. about 2:50 I headed to the bus stop, sick to my stomach, praying he WOULD be one of those kids to get off the bus. Waiting for the bus to come... finally here it came at 10 after 3.. he was the 3rd one off and RAN over to me.. He looked so big getting off that big ol yellow bus..

Day #2.. UGH it was almost worse.. although I didn't cry. But when we went into the school NOW they don't go to their class room at first. They go into the gym and sit in a line and wait for the teacher.. I'm guessing they do the pledge of allegiance also since the flags were in there. But any ways.. he did NOT want to go in there. Finally I showed him Harrison was in there and then he was some what okay with going in...

Day #3 (Today) we walk into the school and he is real hesitant again about going into the gym so I walk in there and he just kinda peeks around the door and looks.. and then takes off running into the gym and sits with the boys.

That rotten egg won't kiss me or tell me he loves me inside school LOL Good grief.. he is only in Kindergarten.. I wouldn't think that was soo "uncool" already hahaha..


  1. Aw! Glad to hear he's doing so well with school! Would that be Harrison Denny you were talking about? That's my cousin's son... He's a stinker! But so cute!

  2. Yes Amanda thats who I'm talking about :)

  3. Aw, I cant believe you little bean is in school already!!Sounds like he is adjusting well and Im happy he gets to ride the bus like he wanted :)