Thursday, August 25, 2011

I finally found it!

First off let me tell you how my morning went from BAD to better with in 40 minutes... I open my eyes to realize its light outside.. AHHH I grab my phone and realize its 6:58.. I start my morning at 6:15am So I jump up and go to hurry and get dress only to realize MY clothes are all in the washer.. I had went to bed and forgot to put them in the dryer. I'm the kinda woman who has 2 bras.. an everyday wear and a bra for dressy clothes.. so I head straight to the washer, throw them in the dryer and think *okay I have 40 minutes surely they will be dry by then* I go to wake Kobe up.. He was already away and alert thank you Lord. I didn't have time to deal with a tired child. I had planned to get up and make him scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. Thank You Lord for toaster waffles. Kobe is the type who takes forever to eat breakfast.. he wasn't this morning.. he ate right up, took his meds got dressed, shoes on and sat and watched TV. By this time I'm hurrying and decided I'll skip makeup today. So I fixed my hair, my clothes WERE dry. Got dressed headed to the living room.. Kobe wasn't there, TV was off, I look outside he's got his backpack on sitting on the steps. I grab my purse, keys and slip on my flip flops and head out. I open the door smiled and said thanks for getting ready so fast this morning and listening.. He says "Your welcome, I came outside to say good morning to the day" hahahaha he's a hoot, Off to school we go. He goes in ALONE was able to open doors this morning.. Again Thank You Lord for making my no good very bad 'morning' go to a good day!!

Sooo I FINALLY found my adapter for my cellphone memory card so I can upload cell pics onto the computer. So this is pretty much picture overload lol.

Kobe has mastered "Bubble Blowing" Ugh this was a long hard process LOL but as a wise person said "Practice Makes Perfect"

Kobe writing a sincere "You broke my heart" letter to Mamaw.. Because Mamaw said "No" hahahaha something this spoiled child isn't used to hearing from his mamaw LOL (I know you'll read this Mom and its true hahahaha Love U)

Doing his first ever homework papers.

This weird ??Bug?? it looked like a leaf.. and didn't move forever!

Playing with toys at Dr. Dan's office!

Opened my purse at the grocery store this morning and I found a dirty SOCK in there.. Thank You Kobe! LOL Oooh the joys of having a BOY hahahaha.

You all didn't know I was a mechanic did you?? Yeh that's what I do in my spare time hahahahha KIDDING.. although lets see this morning my van was low on coolant and was whining so needed power steering fluid. Good thing I know how to do somethings :) when it comes to cars!

Wooohooo... We won $50.00 on a scratch off..

The other day at my parents house I caught Kobe walking on this wall that separates my parents drive and the neighbors house. Some of you might be doing the whole *GASP*.. But this actually made me smile. My sister, brother and I ALL walked on this wall ALL the time while we were growing up.. Kinda made my heart feel good.. NEVER did any of us kids fall or get hurt doing it.. and IF I as a child did it, it must not be to dangerous LOL I was not one who lived on the "danger side" lol

Kobe found a locust wing.. it was pretty cool looking! Excuse the dirty hands if you remember in a few posts back it was from working on his bike chain...

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  1. I love the note to mamaw haha..Isabelle new thing when we say no is to cry in her room and say no one loves her lol