Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wow... wow... weekend!

Sooo let me start with Friday night (just know Saturday recap is worth Reading this whole blog for haha) we surprised our parents with pics we got take the week before. Mom was soooo shocked! She LOVED them.. here is one but if you want to see them all click *HERE*

Soooo Saturday, we did some errand running one of them being, borrowing a tool from Grandpa. soo Kobe wasn't being himself, he was quiet and wouldn't talk much and didn't want to get out at Grandma and Grandpa's (My Grandparents) so he sat in the van while I ran in and Jason went into the garage with Grandpa. Well Jason had come into tell me he was ready.. So we got in the van and drove home.. I turned to say something to Kobe and he wasn't in his booster seat. We didn't know he got OUT at Grandma and Grandpa's. While we were inside he got out and went to see what was going on in the garage. We got ALL the way home before I realized he wasn't in the van.. I didn't know if I should have a panic attack or puke... so I got my phone and dialed Grandma's number to make sure he was out in the garage.. sure enough he was... I felt HORRIBLE.. still to think about it makes me upset.. my Grandparents don't live too far away but far enough.. when we got there I hugged him and apologized my butt off.. He looked at me like I was CRAZY... and says "what?! I wasn't scared!" I mean granted it was Grandma and Grandpa's house but STILL. I felt awful.. *sigh*

On a brighter note.. we grilled out Saturday night.. Yummy Steaks!!! Corn on the cob that I "Food Saved" (and froze)over a month ago and was just as good as the day we bought it. Of course fried Zucchini.. still have that Zucchini coming outta our ears LOL.

Kobe is practicing shoe tieing.. he's doing really well.. he got it a few times this morning when we were practicing.. :)

We went out our "spot" to fish this evening.. We stopped to get a fountain drink before we headed out there.. Kobe was pulling the paper off his straw and musta fell asleep like this hahaha.. I DID take this out of his mouth before he rammed it down his throat :) See I AM a good mom LOL

We went down to our spot well as I sat in my lawn chair I look down and my arm is COVERED in these tiny little bugs.. I mean you could barely see them.. I was like OMG look at these bugs on my arm.. Jason came to look and was like "GET THOSE OFF YOU, THOSE ARE TURKEY TICKS" of course I FREAKED hahahaha eww I'm itching just thinking about it LOL there was probably 100 NOT kidding.. I must of brushed up against something.. UGH..

Here is the guys fishing (not "our spot") but at Wren Pond.

This is what Mommy does while the guys fish.. Excuse the no make-up and wind blown hair ahhh..

Sooooo while fishing at Wren Pond we realized Kobe had forgotten the Mp3 player and his new headphones at "our spot" so we go back hoping and praying they will still be there.. NOPE.. someone snatched them up.. I'm soo upset.. not at Kobe.. But one Myself for not checking around after we packed up and 2 for whoever took it.. You should of KNOWN someone left it on accident and could possibly come looking for it. There were some young boys out there with their Mom.. I hope she didn't *let* them take it.. *sigh* oh well what can ya do? Right?!


  1. I left my camera on a bench at the beach one day and went back like 10 minutes later and it was gone. People are so mean sometimes

  2. I left my camera on a bench at DISNEY WORLD, went back to get it like 5-10 mins later and it was gone..some people amaze me..if they had just looked at the pic (which im sure they did) they would have seen it was all pics of the girls at the beach and 1st day at the parks..made me sick..