Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm always changing...

I've moved again.. I hope this is the last move at least for awhile. I'm sick of moving. Jason, Kobe and I got a house. We got the keys Aug 12th and moved that night and the next day. It was a fast move. Although here it is Aug 19th and I still have 4 more boxes to unpack..

Jason!?! Your probably thinking and maybe even going back through the blog archive "that's not the guy she was with not too long ago.." Or maybe your even thinking *bad thoughts* I really could careless if you are lol but yes I'm with Jason now. Long story short Jason and I hung out in HS.. (he went to BR) we met up again one day and feelings came rushing in... the feelings were mutual and so here we are now.. In love, engaged, and loving life together!

I celebrated my 28th birthday Aug 12th.. well we "celebrated" on Aug 13th, we went out to eat at El Mazatlan then we had people over at our new house. It was a small group but a VERY FUN group. It was Jason and I, Amanda, Josh, Adam, Anna, Jessica, and Matt. My brother is a very funny guy he had us laughing the whole night.. I mean there were times I thought I was going to pee my pants. Times where I thought my jaws were going to have charlie horses. Jason's ribs were sore from laughing.. Adam is a good time let me tell ya.. All of my friends/family are.. we had a good night!
*This is Adam*



*Josh and Amanda*

I went this morning and got my hair CHOPPED off.. it was way past my bra strap.. I probably had 6 or 7 inches cut off..

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