Thursday, October 15, 2009

♥Kobe Lee♥

I fall more and more in love with my son everyday... he says the funniest things and always brings a smile to my face. He is soo smart... at age 3 (and a half) he::

**Knows his FULL address!

** Can spell/recognize his name!

** knows his ABCs with some help after H hahaha...

**Would rather eat Broccoli than anything,... (cooked or raw)

** Loves all fruits and veggies and would rather have that over a sweet!

** knows all his shapes and colors

** Can play and BEAT games on for ages 4-6

** Can work the computer better than my father LOL

I could go on and on about him all day... Some of the things he says just makes me stop and think "omg how in the world did u know that"

Today Kobe: "Mom, Do u know what T-Rex eats?" Me: "yes, animals" Kobe:"no, they eat meat" HAHA Obviously Dinosaur train on PBS is paying off...

Another convo that broke my heart... this was just out of the blue, Kobe:"I not have a dad" Me:"Yes you do, what about Tim" Kobe:"No Me not have a dad, me just have my mommy, thats all I need" ..... is it possible that he is old enough to realize his father isnt in his life? Which breaks my heart even more.. I don't want him to hurt thinking about it... But I am glad that he knows His mommy is here and that I am all he needs... Makes me feel that I am doing a good job. Being a single mommy is a very hard job. But I wouldnt trade it for anything.. I Love it just being me and Kobe! :o)


  1. SWEET! I love it when the little boogers are this age! Much older and they can become a smarty-pants! lol

  2. Aww, he's SO big!