Sunday, October 18, 2009

And The 2nd Place Winner is...(Drum Roll)


Thats right!! Kobe got 2nd Place in the Tricycle Race held at Legends Assisted Living. I was a VERY Proud Mommy!! I mean its just a tricycle race.. I know... but it was his first win and he got a trophy!! He is pretty proud of it too... He says its his "piss'n cup" HAHAHAHA AKA Piston Cup like on The Movie Cars! LOL He had to show everyone. So now we are on the mission to find a shelf to put his trophy on.

We had a really fun filled day yesterday. It started off a little rough. We were suposed to leave town and head to the craft show by 9 and I woke up at 8:50am... So I called mom and said my alarm didnt go off and give me 30 minutes. So I jumped in the shower got out, got dressed, fixed my hair, slapped some make-up on, Got Kobe dressed, Grabbed poptarts and drinks and out the door we went in 20 Minutes flat!! how the heck I managed that one I have no idea... I'm just thankful Im one of those women who dont "have to" wash their hair everyother day lol... So off we went to pick mom up and then off to get Amanda and Liv... We get to Jasper's Craft Show and since they were running outta parking we got to park pretty close to the buildings which see if it wasnt for me running late we woulda had to park far away... LOL things always work out LOL... there were probably 6-8 buildings FULL of crafts, SO many things I wanted and didnt get, do to having NO MONEY ugh! But we had fun and Mom got A LOT of cool things. So then we headed to lunch. Just McDonalds so the kids could play and run some of their energy off.. They were 2 of the best behaved kids yesterday. After we got back in town we headed to my house to get Kobe's tricycle then off to the Kid's Fest @ Legends. It was soo nice out there the place is GORGEOUS! The fest was all free... there was face painting, fishing (for ducks lol) food, music, games and more..

Later that evening my whole family gathered over to my Grandparents house for My Uncle Tom and Cousin Jacob's birthday celebration. We had potato soup, broccoli soup and coneys it was really nice. We didnt leave there til 10:30ish. I love family get togethers. I love my family and am blessed to have such a wonderful family... Here are just some pics from out day yesterday::

Kobe's Big Green Tractor Sucker from the craft show

Kobe Eating lunch at McDonalds in Jasper

Fishing for ducks

On Your Mark... Get set....



  1. sounds like a great day! and you are right, they were some well behaved kids...i didn't hear a peep out of them, unlike the three squeeling girls i was with at mcd's. those were alecia's half sisters she hasnt seen in almost a year.i am gonna have to go to this craft show next year; lots of good stuff???

  2. kobe is such a cutie!!!!!! Love your blog! You guys seem like such a fun family
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