Monday, October 10, 2011

Lark Ranch 2011

Sunday was the Annual Lark Ranch trip. We were so ready this year. I couldn't wait to spend this time with my family and since I had my own little family this time it was sooo nice. We all had a good time. I forgot my camera Waaaah! lol. I even charged the batteries so it was ready to go. I just forgot to take them off the charger and put them in the camera and sit the camera by my purse. Thanks to Amanda she brought her camera and snapped some pics of Kobe for us :) Then of course I had some on my phone but the silly thing kept crashing after every pic.. so there isn't a pic of him shooting the corn cob gun or him riding the horse blah lol O-well.. I love my family and I love this day of the year :)

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