Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hum Diddy..

This weekend we spent it with J-Bird's family.. Saturday we went to his cousin Elaine's Wedding.. She looked beautiful! Her dress in my opinion was PERFECT!! The reception was decorated beautiful and the cake was DELICIOUS!!!! It was an orange cake ... never had orange cake (other than Orange jello cake)before but it was wonderful.

Sunday we went to J's nephew Evan's 6th Birthday party.. Him and Kobe get along so well and play really nice together.
Here they are in their "Space Ship" fighting Aliens
 Now they are on the "space Horse" hahaha I love kid imagination
Soooo Speaking of cake ... I've decided to try to start making cakes/cupcakes.. For family and close friends or whoever asks me too.. I already make cakes for my family's b-days but I'm going to start putting a little more into it.. like working with fondant and doing some cake design. I've thought about taking classes to help but then I thought whats the best way to learn? Yep YouTube!! I have learned how to do so much from YouTube. A man on YouTube taught me how to make biscuits and gravy ;) So I found this woman on there who is teaching me how to make things out of fondant... So we'll see..


  1. Sounds like fun! Matt & I have talked about learning to bake & decorate cakes together... I love working in the kitchen!

  2. My cakes are always ugly so I can't wait to see pictures. And Pete has learned how to fix cars from youtube, so I am sure there are lots of cake decorating tips! Have fun!