Sunday, November 18, 2012

Movie and Pizza night

Saturday night is becoming "movie night" in our house. Since we still don't have tv. We are watching our own movies but on Saturdays we go to RedBox and rent movies. 1. For Kobe. 2. For all as a family and 3. For Jason and I after Kobe's in bed.

Jason was hunting so Kobe and I went to JayC to get frozen pizzas, pop, and sweets. We hardly ever buy pop for home but something bout pop and pizza go together lol. We also picked up a brownie mix and stuff to make chocolate chip cookies.

Kobe was such a big helper making the sweet treats... While they were baking we watched his movie "The 12 Dogs if Christmas" (soooo stinkin corny and we both lost interest lol)  so after J-bird got home we fixed the pizzas and popped in our family movie "The Amazing Spiderman" we all LOVED this movie. It was so good. Of course it took forever for Kobe to settle down and get/stay in bed because he was in such a rush from the movie, maybe the sweets, or both. But he was acting like Spiderman lol. He's so fun to watch though. I love his imagination. After he finally went to bed Jason and I popped popcorn and snuggled under a blanket watching our very funny movie... "Medea's Witness Protection" it was so funny we loved it. We had a great night..

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