Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 10th-October 20th

Soooo.. I finally got some new tennis shows.. if you truly know me, you know I HATE shoes and socks.. But there is this thing called winter that makes me have to wear them. Aren't they cute though?? I love them. I just wish they would hurry and get "broke-in" because they kills my ankle bone in the back. They come up to high or something.. 

Also got a new purse!! I've been wanting a Michael Kors purse forever.. I finally got one :)

On Saturday the 10th my guys and I headed to Jasper to eat and shop around..
We ate at Fazoli's  and then went to Rural King and Dollar Tree..

Kobe got a new bike with the money when he sold his dirt bike

Sunday we went with Jason to clean out his parents Chimney

My awesome neighbor made us cinnamon rolls the other morning for breakfast..

I love getting Ipsy bags... Here is my newest one..

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