Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm such a JUNKIE! and much much more!

Internet Junkie that is lol.... I'm seriously addicted to the Internet! I just signed up for Twitter like 10 minutes ago ( ) for all of you on Twitter... What a silly name and pointless website... LOL but of course I'm a member LOL because all the "cool kids" are doing it LOL.

I do sooo much on the Internet I seriously LOVE it... it is my biggest Hobby... I mean I'm not addicted to where I don't do anything else lol... but in my free time I get on the Internet. I'm a member of CafeMom Where I'm the group owner on there for Moms of Jan, Feb, Mar 2006 Babies. A member of , Myspace , Facebook, Blogger, Kobe's Baby Site, and I'm a YouTube Junkie also LOL.

I seriously find the Internet as my "stress reliever" and my life link LOL... I talk to alot of people via the Internet... I think its a great way to keep in touch with people. I signed my mom up for FaceBook and she has found some people she went to school with and I can talk to my cousins in Rhode Island, Arizona, Corydon and other towns. Its nice to be able to talk to them and see how they are doing instead of waiting for a holiday and hoping we are all going to be there to see each other.

Well my week is over ... my weekend starts well now I guess since it is 2:30 AM Yes I'm a night owl... But when Kobe goes to bed its "Mommy Time" and I enjoy the peace and quiet! I love my son to death and wouldn't trade him for the world but man that little boy talks and talks from the time he wakes up in the mornings until he falls asleep at night and he doesn't stop for even one minute LOL. Which we ALL know where he gets it from... yes, ME! I'm guilty LOL I love to talk too LOL...And my son doesn't meet a stranger! He loves for ppl to talk to him and honestly it scares me to DEATH! He'd probably go with anyone... We are working on "Strangers" but when I told him about "bad guys" he started not wanting to sleep in his own room.... Oh boy! Parenting is defiantly a challenge... But also rewarding... But being a single parent is tough but I cherish every single bit of it!!! I Love my son more than life its self! Even tho he can be a stinker and talk ur ear off or try u til ur on the verge of pulling ur hair out... he truly is the BEST!! At least in THIS mommy's eyes! Children are WONDERFUL!!! And Mad Props to Me and Jess and other single moms out there with deadbeat dads!! WE ROCK!!! HAHAHA! Ok I think Im delirious LOL

NIGHT ALL!!! Love You ALL!

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  1. Aww yes you are an internet junkie. And your doing a very GREAT job with Kobe. Keep up the good work! and yeah yeah i know your mother is on facebook, i got her LOVELY message from last night :P