Thursday, January 1, 2015

HELLO 2015!!

2015... That just sounds weird..

First off if you read my blogs I want to thank you. I love seeing all the views every time I log on here.. Over on my other blog I have a blog post over there that has reached almost 6,000 views!!!... to me that is amazing.. And I want to say... Thank You!!

.. 2014 was a pretty good year as far as I can remember lol.. Nothing to bad that comes to mind.. I mean it went pretty smooth.. I still feel it was an ok year even though Jason got laid off work the end of November and still not working  some how and by the grace of God we are doing some what ok.. but praying his job calls him back soon .. but other than that the year was good.. A LOT better than 2013 (Click HERE to read about that year..) let's just take a minute to review 2014 shall we? We Shall..

We started off the year with crazy temps.. -4° with a windchill of -26°.. Amanda's results from her body scan showed no signs of any more cancer.

Kobe turned 8.. We got our new(to us) van..

Jason with some help from Kobe, built the chicken coop.. we bought 14 Chickens.. 4 layers and 10 fryers.. Olivia turned 8.. 

My parent's got their bathroom remodeled.. Spring soccer started.. Went to TJ and Lisa's gender reveal party It was a BOY lol..  Celebrated Easter.. Olivia had her First Communion.. Kobe sliced his hand open and had to go to the ER to get it glued back shut..

Celebrated Mom's birthday.. Went Camping.. Spring soccer ended and they came in 2nd place.. My great Uncle Tom passed away.. Kobe Started the Summer Reading Program at the Library

Jason butchered all our fryer chickens.. Had to find Duke a new home.. We got Bella (our Cat).. I got my new cell phone that I LOVE!.. My Great Aunt Joyce Ann passed away..

Celebrated July 4th at My sisters..Kobe played in his first ever 3v3 soccer tourney in Terre Haute(won 3rd Place) and then another 3v3 the following weekend in our home town.. He won a prize from the Reading Program.. 

Kobe started 3rd grade.. We celebrated my 31st Birthday.. TJ and Lisa welcomed their precious baby boy into the world, Noah Alan..

Our chickens started laying eggs.. went to the Turkey trot.. Watched Aaron Tippin in concert.. Kobe pig wrestled.. Celebrated Adam and Dad's birthdays.. Had a redneck family get together at my Aunt Donna's.. Kobe went to his first IU soccer game with a friend.

Celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.. Jason got me a new wedding set..  Kobe's soccer team won 1st place in Fall Soccer.. I made Kobe an awesome zombie/soccer player costume for halloween lol..

November.. Kobe started indoor soccer.. Noah turned 1.. Jason butchered a 50lb turkey for his families Thanksgiving.. Kobe and I went to our newly opened movie theater in town that has been restored. We saw Big Hero Six.. My parents got new carpet after 37 years.. My dad went with us on Black Friday for the first time ever.. 

Kobe's indoor soccer team won 1st place (even though they don't count it at the YMCA).. Celebrated Jason's 32nd birthday.. Celebrated Amanda's 35th Birthday.. Amanda had her 1st annual full body scan to recheck for cancer and it came back negative.. PRAISE GOD!... We had our normal Christmas get togethers.. and that leaves us to last night.. New Years Eve..

So I'd say we had a decent year..

Last night we just stayed home since all 3 of use are sick with colds or whatever you wanna  call it.. we are snot'n, cough'n fools.. and felt like poo.. So we canceled our plans to have a party here and just kept to our sick selves.. plus my mom is sick too.. It always makes me depressed feeling when I don't do anything on NYE So I decided we'd just have our own little party.. I made little weenies in the crock pot, buffalo chicken dip and ham salad sammies.. bought some Sparkling Grape juice and we toasted our "wine" glasses at Midnight..

Sooo with all that being said...


I look fwd to seeing whats in store for us!

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