Saturday, January 24, 2015

Flea Markets, Orange Leaf.. Oh MY!

I LOVE me some flea markets! This morning I was sitting in bed on my laptop reading old blogs I have posted.. I came across a blog about all my awesome finds at a flea market My mom and I go to a lot.. well we used too.. It's been awhile so I text my mom and said "we need to go to Tickled Pink soon" she text back she can be ready in 30 minutes lol.. so we headed in town and got with my mom and headed out of town to the flea market.. I have been on the hunt for the perfect cookie jar.. and I FINALLY found one.. for $3.00 it's perfect!

Just the size and style I've been wanting.. It's not air tight.. but let's be honest, cookies don't last long in this house so we wont have to worry about them going stale lol..

I have also been looking for lamp shades for my living room lamps that Duke (the dog we used to have) broke and ripped to shreads.. I found 2 that match pretty close to each other.. and they were just $2 a piece!!!

I also found a spoon rest to sit on my stove...

I was also searching for a metal meat tenderizer and a garlic press which I had no luck finding.. but I did find a garlic press at the dollar tree when we stopped in there. We'll see how well that works.. lol

But we did find these beauties hahaha

Hahahaha are't we cute!?

After the first Flea market we went to the next town over to their flea market.. it's higher priced so we didn't get really anything because I'm all about CHEAP!.. By this time we were getting kinda hungry so we stopped by Rally's to get some of their famous french fries.. They are so yummy!

After we had our snacks we went to the Dollar Tree.. I freaking LOVE that store.. We spent a good amount of time in there.. You think you need everything since its "only a dolla'!!" We got a few items that we needed.. We did find Kobe's Valentine's for school.. What are the odds of the Dollar Tree having WWE (Westling) Valentines?? we were  SO excited!!

Last but not least we tried Orange Leaf for the first time!

For those of you who haven't went here's how it is..

You start by picking a bowl.. Regular, Large, Waffle Cone or bowl with a huge chunk of waffle cone

Then you have an option of putting a divider in your bowl.. You can get one flavor or a divider which can make it into a two flavor cup or 3 flavor cup..

Then you choose between ALL the flavors (They will even give you a sample taste) I think there were 20 flavors!

There are 3 levers on each machine.. the right is one flavor then the left is another flavor then the MIDDLE lever is a swirl of both flavors!

Then you go to the toppings bar!

This is a picture I found online.. I forgot to snap a pic of the toppings bar..

Then they weigh your cup and pay for your cup then enjoy!!

Here is my cup!

Birthday Cake FroYo(Frozen yogurt) with Fruity Pebbles topping
Orange/Pineapple  FroYo
Vanilla FroYo with Blue Berry BoBa and Strawberry Boba! It's hard to explain what BoBa is.. just try it! :)

Kobe's Bowl

 Cotton Candy FroYo with Strawberry BoBa and a Gummy Frog
Peanut Butter FroYo with Mint and chocolate crumbles
Peanut butter/ Chocolate FroYo with reese like cups on it

Mom's Cup

Vanilla FroYo with Cherries

We fell in love!!!

Check out the tables and chairs!!

After we headed home we stopped in our local Good Will to look for Kobe a lamp to go in his room.. I was looking for a lamp to restore and make to look cool.. Instead we found this awesome lamp for $3

I found this exact lamp on Ebay going for $49.99!

We had a great day and found some good finds!!

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  1. I love a good bargain! I refuse to pay full price for ANYTHING :)