Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Posting with a shattered heart..

Way to much sadness going on right now.. I have a much happier post in the works.. but for now I'm going to talk about my heart that is shattered into a million pieces. On Feb 4th I got a text asking If I knew what happen to Cody Wilson. I had no idea what was going on.. In the small town we live in, news spreads fast. It wasn't be a few minute I had heard the new about Cody. My heart instantly hurt. I was scared he wasn't going to make it.. I just started praying.. I prayed the whole 12 minute drive home.. I had to run an errand  so I went alone.. I needed some time to talk to God.. I prayed, I begged, I pleaded for him to save and heal Cody. Not for me.. For his precious daughter Marli Jo who needed him more than anyone else. I prayed more for this one man than I think I have prayed my entire life. On Feb 5th, later that evening, I heard the worse news I've heard in a long time.. Cody had passed away.

This guy was full of life, energy, love and awesomeness.. I've know Cody since grade school.. He was an awesome daddy too.. He was in the army, served our country, fought in the war.. he was a true American Hero. I know you aren't supposed to question the Big Man but I do. Why take this guy everyone loves? Why take this little girls daddy? Why did you need him more than Marli did? I could go on and on.. I KNOW in my head that there is a reason.. but my heart is having a hard time understanding. Today (Feb 11th) was Cody's funeral. Let me say it was the most horrible thing I've been through in a while. I couldn't control my tears. My heart physically hurts.. here it is almost 2 hours later and I'm still hurting.. still having crying spurts.

 Even if I was fine I've got more heart break going on.. a family very close to mine welcomed their baby boy in to the world 13 weeks early on the 9th. On the 10th Baby Kevden passed away in his parents arms. I never got to meet him but I loved him already. He had a special place in my heart already. His Big brother and sisters are 3 of my favorite kids so he was already "In" the moment Whitt told us she was pregnant. I will NEVER for get that text message she sent me telling me he had passed. His sister was on my lap so I just held her a little tighter and gave her a few kisses.. The girls are too young to understand.. Kadadlyn is 3 and Khelaria is 9mos so they're too young.. But Koen is almost 7 so he gets it for the most part...  Just too much sadness.. and I need time to heal this broken heart.. I get the 3 other kids back tomorrow so I'll be lovin on them extra tomorrow... If you are reading this PLEASE pray for us ALL!! God Bless!

Fly High You Two!!! <3 p="">

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