Monday, February 16, 2015

Playing some catch up.. Imagine that

Here are some things that have been going on since the last post..

Kobe livin the good life.. Jason got a DVD player for the van

Noah got his first hair cut!!

Jason got a new truck!!

Kobe and Jason butcher our turkeys while I'm at a baby shower I come home to them looking like this LOL

Their finished job

My sexy hubby taking us for a ride in his truck

Kobe enjoying the ride!

Kobe got a new bike!

I got my in memory of Cody sticker!

Noah has a favorite book now.. that he LOVES you to read over and over again

Just doing my job!

 Celebrated Valentine's Day

Jason's Valentine.. excuse my messy van.. the hubby hauled stuff in it.. SO glad he got a truck for this reason lol

 My Valentine's gift plus candy

 Kobe wrote a short story

Celebrated Kobe's 9th Birthday

Finally got a new laptop.. 30 minutes after loggin on I got a virus that crashed my whole computer.. I was on the phone with Dell for over 4 hours!!!
 I got it fixed though!!

**DISCLAIMER** I'm in no way shape or form posting all this to BRAG. This is just a post so I can look back and remember our memories!

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  1. Love the update. Glad to see so many smiles. I have followed you please return.