Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just a little bit..

Here is just a little bit of whats been going on.. nothing to exciting..

A few days in to the New Year.. I finally took down all the Christmas decor and got my living room back in order.. I got all my new decor out.. I'm starting to collect old lanterns and rustic things.. Jason has started my lantern collection.. here are 2 on my fireplace..

 And here are a couple more.. with a box that was my Great Uncles

My sassy kitty.. Bella

Jason brought Kobe home a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.. he read it with in 12 hrs.. def didn't get that from his momma!

He also brought home BattleShip!

 I chopped off at least 6 inches of my hair when I said I , I mean ME! MySELF! lol

We put kids to work at age 1 LOL.. I told my mom we shoulda put a swiffer sheet on it since he wanted to mop the floor LOL..

Kobe playing with my hair..

 lol he put it in a pony.. and let me tell you it HURT lol

Kobe spent yesterday morning making his Robot.. Meet "LoveBot 3000"

I guess she was comfy? Pretty sure I'm her favorite!

Click HERE to get the recipe for Mini Pizzas over on my other blog..

Also click HERE to get this recipe for

See nothing too exciting LOL.. Now I'm planning Kobe's 9th birthday party!! BLAH 9yrs old.. he's growing up too fast..

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