Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend recap!

Friday I went shopping with my parents while Chase came over and kept Kobe so I could go finish up Christmas shopping. I got Kobe's outfit for his Christmas program at Kohl's it was originally $48.00 and after all the sale prices and coupons I had I got it for $17.00!!! I felt like I won the lottery LOL. After we got back in town we decided to hit up walmart which was a plus because I was able to get Chase's Christmas COMPLETELY done!! While I was at wally world I picked us up a Ginger Bread House to decorate on Saturday. Kobe could barely wait til then, The first words out of his mouth Saturday morning was "can we do the ginger bread house now?" It was soooo nasty and cold on Saturday I decided we'd just stay home and hang out in our jammies.. so after breakfast we did our ginger bread house...

2 seconds (seriously) after I took this pic the roof slid off the walls lol. It was sooo messy lol the icing stuck to my dining room table like glue. But we had fun doing it and it was actually good to eat unlike the Halloween one we did 2 years ago.
So remember how I said I had decided to stay home on Saturday since it was cold, rainy and just plain ol nasty? Well I got a spur of the "Let's go see Santa at the E-ville Mall" moment. So after lunch off we were to go see Santa.. A few times I thought to myself.. 'man what am I thinking?' , 'the line for Santa is going to be huge', 'The mall is going to be crazy' sure enough the mall was PACKED!! The Line for Santa was HUGE!! I don't know what I was thinking LOL but here we stood in line for Santa.. we probably waited 45min-1hr but it wasn't bad at all. After standing there for 20 minutes one of Santa's helpers comes up to us and says "Hunnie Santa feeds his reindeer at 5:00, I don't know if you'll be able to see him before but he'll be back at 6:00" I just smiled and said "that's fine". Then she pats my arm and says "Hold tight I'll be right back" so she goes away and comes back and says "I was told to take 17 more before he leaves to feed his reindeer" so she goes to the front of the line to counts all the families in line she gets to us and points to me and says "15" Thank GOD we didn't have to wait til Santa came back! Although I would have since that's the only reason I was there in Eville was to let Kobe see Santa. The lady came back and thanked me for being so polite. She said she has had so many rude people today she needed a person like me to come through. I was happy I could make her day better.
After we saw Santa Kobe wanted to go in the Candy store that was right by where Santa was sitting so we went in there and of course its over whelming for a child lol He wanted everything.. I just couldn't see paying $6.99 for 1 pound of candy. So I told him he could get one thing.. so he picked out this cute little black stuffed puppy and some candy spray stuff.. yeah that's 2 things LOL he's rotten lol

After we left the crazy mall we headed to Sonic so I could get my "eville regular" a Strawberry Lime-aide!! They are soooo YUMMY!! Then back home we came :)

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